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Archery is a new skill, which comes with The Sims 4 Adventure Time. Archery is one of the skills needed for tomb exploring.

Abilities Edit

Archery gives Sims the ability to triggers traps from afar, gives sight at the target area.

At level 1, Sims can practice Archery at the new community lot, Bows Renaissance Faire at the new archer range.

At level 2, Sims can practice at the gun shooting range.

At level 5, Sims has 40% chance to double shot, granting more chance to hit.

At level 8, Sims can practice Horse Archery (TS4 Animals), Flying Bottles, Moving Objects. Sims can also Hunt (TS4 Animals)

At level 9, Sims can use special arrows and bullets.

Hit Chance Edit

Level Bow Gun
1 8% No Available
2 15% 10%
3 20% 16%
4 25% 22%
5 30% 28%
6 35% 34%
7 40% 40%
8 46% 48%
9 52% 56%
10 58% 64%

Notes Edit

There is only one Archery book, which increase the skill meter up to level 3.

You needs arrows/bullets for your bow/gun. Normal ones can be bought from computers and mailboxes. Special ones can be bought through the shrief (whatever the rank 10 of Law Enforcement will be named).

Fire Arrows can lit torches/campfire from afar.

Harpoon Arrows help Sim pass through rifts.

Light Bullets can light up an area temporary.

Silver Bullets stun supernatural beings. It's the only arrow/bullet that can be used to aim a Sim (human).

You can compete at the weekly Archer competition for a chance to win prizes.