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Name Aridia
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Aridia is a desert neighbourhood where the De Crypt family lives. It started out small, but grew over time to the size of a small town. Aridia is a very diverse and accepting little town and rivals Strangetown for its paranormal population. Aridia has a Downtown district and is within a days travel of La Fiesta Tech, a desert university. 

Cornerstone FamiliesEdit

Today the neighbourhood has four cournerstone families. Rich and at the top of the society ladder, everyone looks up to these families and aspires to be them. Parents want their children to marry into these families and inherit their fortunes.

The Aridia FamilyEdit

The Aridia family built the neighbourhood, and still own most of the businesses. Their family is starting to experience a decline, but still have a lot of money and are well respected. Some decades ago, the Aridia family split into three branches, but only one branch kept the name and fortune. Marcus married Gvaudoin Tricou and inherited their fortune and surname. Ellie, the result of an alien abduction, married into the Dai family and didnt inherit the fortune, but became a werewolf. Sky married Fricorith Tricou, keeping the Aridia name and running the empire. Like the Tricou family, the latest heir has married one of two living statues that moved to the university.

The Tricou FamilyEdit

The Tricou family rose above the common population only to vanish again in a series of tragic accidents.  No one bought the House of Fallen Trees, and one day a woman woke up in the House of Fallen Trees, devoid of memory or name, but everyone recognised her. The Grey Lady, a local saint, is believed to watch over toddlers and babies, to protect them from fire. She was also a distant ancestor of the Tricou family, and in time she resurrected them all, restoring her fallen family tree. The Tricou family has a strong vampire bloodline and is heavily involved with the De Crypt and Aridia families. The latest heir has married a living statue.

The De Crypt FamilyEdit

The founding members of the De Crypt family, Vince and Angua, moved to Aridia to escape prejudice in other areas of Simnation. Vince was a vampire, Angua a werewolf, and some centuries ago Simnation was a less accepting place. At that time, Aridia and Strangetown were the two most accepting towns, but Aridia was slightly more diverse. Gradually the family became richer and more prominent in the local vampire coven. The De Crypt family is related to the Terrano family and has alien bloodlines. In the latest generation, Count Dracula De Crypt married Carina Smith and inhertied the estate, Maria married Jasper Sim and did not inherit.

The Morrison FamilyEdit

The Morrison family are a recent addition to the neighbourhood. They were rich when they moved to the neighbourhood and have stayed that way. Of the twins, Elizabeth married into the Terrano family, and Eric married his university professor and werewolf.

Other familiesEdit

Other, less well off families in the neighbourhood, are:

The Sakurako familyEdit

Moriko moved to Aridia to follow her boyfriend, Rod Humble, but he dumped her when she found out she was pregnant. Moriko had three children, Kazuo, Shui and Yoshi. Kazuo, Rod's son, married the town Diva Mackenzie and showed no intrest in his mother's culture until after he was married. Now his branch of the family have a strong connection with thier culture (which is sort of vaguely japanese by our terms). Shui was born after Moriko became a Plantsim, and was grown from one of her spores. He left once he became an adult to live in a house designed for plantsims, and built a Servo. He grew two Plantbabies. Moriko got engaged to Rose Dai, a werewolf and had a son, Yoshi Dai, also a werewolf. Yoshi married an Ellie Aridia, an alien, and had twins, both werewolves. Rod had an affair with his mother's fiancee, resulting in a daughter, Lexi Dai, who he rarely sees. After Moriko's death Rose left the family with Lexi. In the latest generation, Kazuo's daughter has married Taro Sakurako (a very distant relative with the same name) and is trying to get closer to her roots, although her grandfather and mother have diluted her bloodline. Of Shui's children, Kokoro married the Servo and (somehow) gave birth to a human son, and has plans to grow a plantbaby. Kenji married Astria Terrano.

The Dai FamilyEdit

At this time, almost all members of this family are werewolves. The family is split into two branches from Rose Dai's two children. The branch extending from Yoshi Dai are all werewolves and have very strong alien origins, resulting from an marriage with a member of the Aridia family, but that marriage did not inherit any of the Aridia fortune. The second branch, extending from Lexi Dai, are also werewolves. Yoshi Dai has two mothers, one of them was Moriko Sakurako. Lexi Dai's father is Kazuo Sakurako (Moriko's son). Yoshi had twins, Danny and Diana. Diana died at university, Danny graduated and married Baby Doll, an alien. Lexi is a similar age to Danny and has married Ben, a werewolf.

The Sim familyEdit

The Sim family is small at the moment, resulting from a marriage between Maria De Crypt and Jasper Sim. They have inherited none of the De Crypt fortune. Jasper is entirely alien, Maria is half alien and a witch.

The Terrano FamilyEdit

Stella, Nova and Vanessa all moved to Aridia together to study at La Fiesta Tech university. Nova and Vanessa are brother and sister, and Stella was Vanessa's best friend and Nova's girlfriend. Whilst at university, Vanessa fell in love with Vlad De Crypt and decided to move in with him, rather than going home to thier home planet. Stella and Nova stayed in Aridia, and had two daughters, Astria and Venus. Astria married Kenji Sakurako and Venus married Elizabeth Morrison, both under the Terrano name.