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Ariel Space
Name Ariel Space
Gender Female Female
Space Family
Parents Flynn Space, Juan Space
Sibling(s) Amin. Jr Space Half-brother
Romances Cupid BelstamPartners
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Ariel Space (Teen)
Ariel was a sweet little girl. Before she got involved with a major gang fight. Now she is the Queen Bee of the gang in the battle of Rich Vs Poor. Maybe if her faily cared they could've stopped it but they didn't and now Ariel will do anything to win... Anything. Even her life it seems...
Age TS3-Teen Teen
Life state Ghost Ghost
Zodiac sign Aquarius (sign) Aquarius
Hair color TS2 Black Hair Black
Eye color TS2 Black Eyes Black
Skin color Skin-green Green
Body shape Thin Thin
Other Information
Game The Sims 2 Icon The Sims 2
Playability Resurrected
Neighborhood Fanon:Lavisha

Ariel Space was the daughter of Juan and Flynn Space and the Half Sister of Amin. Jr. Her brother hated her as she ruined his great life with his mum and step father. She soon became involved in a gang fight and would literally do anything to win, even give her life for a fight. She was one of a small group of deceased sims that was inexplicably along with her aunt Lupin although it is still unknown what caused this.

Before BirthEdit

Before she was born, Ariel's mum had another boyfriend called Adrian Langford and they moved in together. Flynn was sure he was the one but Adrian wasn't... He abandoned Flynn but didn't realise that she was pregnant with her brother. Flynn was moody and alone and really hated life but after her son was born she changed for the better. Amin. Jr brought the best out in her and she became happier. She moved into the original Space home and soon met a man called Juan. Juan was the ideal man for them, kind, funny, good with kids and he could make Pancakes! Things were great for this family and then things got better! Flynn was pregnant again and life was great although not everybody agreed...


As a baby, Ariel was born into a happy loving family. She was given a lovely room as a Baby and looked after amazingly. The only person who wasn't happy was Amin. Jr. He felt that she had stolen his happy family and was just ruining EVERYTHING!


As a toddler, Ariel was taught to speak by her Dad and to talk by her Mum but she had trouble with the Potty! She played boats in there instead. Ariel didn't really notice that her Brother hated her so much and just ignored and played with her Patchwork Bear. She aged up badly maybe because of her hateful brother.


As a Child, Ariel was babdly bullied at school and Amin. Jr knew that but never attempted to stop it. At home, the torment didn't stop, Amin. Jr was horrible to her and her parents were desperate to maintain the 'perfect' family appearance so as long as things looked fine, they were fine as far as they were concerned. Also, her mum was stressed as due to Ariel's birth, her and Juan still weren't married. Ariel was happy when her parents got married (although it was a little sudden). She grew up badly thinking the world was against her.


As a Teen, Ariel's wish for friends were granted but not in a way she imagined. She got involved in a huge fight between the rich and poor at school when she dated a boy called Cupid Belstam. She soon became queen bee of the riches due to her ability to come up with quick insults at a moments notice (Amin. Jr's fault) and to give noogies that actually really hurt (Also Amin. Jr's fault). Her family noticed the change in her but they were powerless to stop her from becoming an aggressive girl with only one intention. Win.

Ariel was walking home with four of her friends, Viola, Nemi, Aidan, Jason and her boyfriend Cupid when they decided to take a shortcup through the other side's terf. It was meant to just annoy them but the other side took it as more. They took it as pushing a final boundary and attacked but not just play fighting but actually violent. Ariel was pushed to the floor and kicked hard in the side. They hurt them all but they seemed to be going for Ariel more. They punched and ripped her dress. Ariel lay there, too weak to speak, she wanted home, her mum, her dad, even her brother but she doubted she'd see them.

Suddenly strong arms picked her up and put her over their shoulder. Cupid. He ran with her back to his place with the others and he lay her down on the sofa. They tried to nurse her back to health but Ariel was losing the fight for live. Ariel blacked out and when she woke up she was in a hospital bed with her parents and brother. Amin. Jr was crying and so were her parents. She smiled weakly and tried to say she was Ok but she was too weak. Amin. Jr told her to live, she had her whole life ahead of her but Ariel died in that hospital all because of one fight.


Ariel was in a place she knew well, her family graveyard. It was a beautiful calm place, quite large with a big pine tree cutting it in half. Ariel had been here before as a child and used to walk through the headstones, thinking of the families that went with each person. She had stopped going there as a teenaged though, the idea of the decaying corpses simply freaked her our and she stopped caring about the past as much, only looking to the future. Despite that fact she hadn't been there for years, she was here now, bringing back fond memories.

Her last memory was Amin. Jr's face. He was crying and she was in hospital. She remembered the pain she had felt in her arms and legs and the bruises that had stood out against her pale green skin. She looked down at her limbs and noticed there were no bruises, there was no trace of the attack at all. She couldn't see the other side of the graveyard due to the foliage of the pine tree but she knew that that was where the most graves were, there were hardly any at all near.

She first became aware that something was strange when she saw the grave of Debbie and Barney Space. They weren't married nor dead as far as she knew: in fact, she didn't even know who Debbie was. She turned around the headstone behind her and was shocked by the fact it was hers. It made a bit of sense though, the injuries she had obtained were very nasty and she had the word 'fatal' thrown about a bit in the hospital. It was perfectly plausible that she had in fact died. Wasn't plausible was that she was alive again.

Her gravestone said she had died a few years back, Amin. Jr was probably in college now, maybe he had even left. Her mother and father were probably at home, relaxing but missing her - she hoped they were anyway. She decided to walk over to the other side of the graveyard, maybe some of the tombstones of the newly dead could help give her a perspective of time. As she walked around the tree she saw a woman with long dark hair standing there.

Ariel recognized her almost instantly, Lupin. Lupin had been murdered by her lover, Joe Carr before Ariel was born, she recognised Lupin from the photos her mother had in their house. She still looked exactly the same. Ariel was content just watching her for a second but Lupin saw her. "Who are you?" Lupin asked her fearfully. Ariel was at first a little hurt that Lupin didn't recognise her but then remembered that Lupin had died before her birthd. "I'm Ariel. Ariel Space." She said. As a friendly gesture,she held out her hand to Lupin, "It's okay, Lupin, I was dead too."