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Asheu "Ash" Kahei is a Sim I made in the Sims 4.


Ash's childhood was made up of bad things. He went from bad grades to an unpleasant childhood filled with bullies. Because of this, he is very gloomy but likes coding and is a geek. He commonly went to Video Games as there he was excepted and found The Sims Forever. As a young child he was friends/rivals with Amanda Salute.

Young AdultEdit

As a Young Adult he started dating Amanda, but they often got into fights because they were different. They both got accepted to Bertanium College For Youthly College Freshman. He got a degree in Coding.


When he grew up he married Amanda. They both had a Baby named Cassandra Sealist (Ash changed his last name). He became a well known coder working for Axis (The creator of The Sims Forever) and helped create Simulation City 9000. After this he had twins: Shaun and Evelyn. He lives in 2014 Fancreated street, SimCity, SimEarth.

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