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Audree Cardova
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Audree and Bill Cardova
Meet the Cardovas, two Sims who no one really knows about. What is their story?
Name Audree Cardova
Gender TS2 Female Female
Age TS3-Adult Adult
Life state CAS Human icon Sim
Parents Beck and Gia Cardova
Child(ren) Baby (father: Mike Edwards), Bellauve (father: Mike Edwards), Locobutt (father: unconfirmed) (All adopted by Mike Edwards)
Zodiac sign Libra (sign) Libra
Hair color TS2 Red Hair Red
Skin color Skin-light Light
Body shape Thin Thin
Other Information
Game The Sims Icon The Sims
Neighborhood Sim Lane
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Biography Edit

No one really knows much about Audree except she was the only child of Beck and Gia and was born possibly on June 1 though some may say it was May 30. Audree chooses to celebrate on June. She was not very close with her parents and did not find her past interesting at all. I wish I could tell you more, but she's not interested.

Life in The Sims Edit

For no reason she and Bill, who says he is her distant cousin, move to Sim Lane. Audree, being the super extrovert, came across as being way too forward with some Sims. But with time, she became friends with some of them. She's a little strange in some ways but tons of fun to be around! She even got herself in some amorous relationships. Her favorite to do with other Sims is play chess. she can go on all night! But a mystery surrounds her. Especially with Bill, who is an even bigger mystery.

Ever since she's moved to Sim Lane, Audree has found herself in quite a few relationships. She is a bit of a flirt but she's kind of living on the edge right now! Her relationship with Bill is unpredictable. No one knows about her love life. Yet. And Audree hopes to keep it that way.

As time went by however some of her relationships fell apart. Andrew's so wrapped up with Anna's murder that she hasn't seen him in weeks! And when she tried to get his attention that didn't go so well and James broke up with her. Carl and Richard seemed to steer clear from her! Fortunately Mike and Matt seem to still enjoy her. But now she's gained some enemies: Shannon and Claire. Audree doesn't really care (or so she says). But something's up with her...

The suspicious turned out to be kids. Three of them. Mike is the father of twins Baby and Bellauve. The father of the third one Locobutt didn't identify himself yet but Audree knows who he is. Audree managed to keep it a secret for months by hiding them upstairs. She barely interacted with them. When Bill suddenly disappeared for a while Audree temporarily moves in with Mike and places the kids under his care. Mike agrees to adopt all three and that will be finalized soon. When Bill returns living in the death lot, Audree moves back in with him.

Since then Audree has kept to herself while continuing to have an affair with Matt, who has divorced with Claire. The two left Sim Lane without warning. Both were never heard from again for a long time.

Epilogue Edit

Audree's whereabouts remain unknown. Matt left her shortly after they ran off. Rumors say that she lives in another town under a different name and married at least twice, both marriages lasting less than a year. No one in Sim Lane has heard from her since she left years ago.

Family? Edit

Fanon:Bill Cardova He claims to be her third cousin once removed, which is probably false according to many sources. There's a lot of stories going around but no concrete evidence. Something seems to be going on between the two but no one knows what. They have a strange relationship and it keeps getting stranger...

Turns out the third cousin thing isn't true! They were actually married at one point! But why keep it hidden? The reason still remains unknown.

Children Edit

Shortly after they were born, Mike adopted the children. Audree never contacted them after she left.

Carlee (Baby) She's is the older twin and Mike's daughter. Baby resembles her late half-sis Anna and likes to paint. She loves science and hopes to be a botanist when she grows up. At school Carley is a two time winner of the science fair. She is protective of her younger brothers and does not like being pushed around. Carlee is also very organized and often helps Mike organize his notes and lesson plans.

Davey (Bellauve) The younger twin. He resembles his father Mike and is very observant. Davey wants to be a scientist and enjoys doing experiments that involve numbers and observing. He has sharp vision and is quick to point out if something was wrong. At times he can be a little too involved with his experiments.

Matthew (Locobutt) He's very outgoing but has a lot of problems. He can be rude when provoked and has a bit of a temper. His father eventually made limited contact with him. Matthew does not have any emotional connection towards his father but genuinely feels sorry for him. The last time they talked was over a year ago. As he grew older, he became less rude but still possessed a stubborn streak. Despite his dyslexia, Matthew was a talented writer, often spending his free time writing stories, which he hopes he becomes famous for. Many of them were published in the school paper

Heart's Desires Edit

Fanon:Andrew Mason Unlike other Sims she first met, Andrew did not pull away when she tried to massage him. He's a bit of a flirt, though nothing like Audree. They're close and sparks are definitely flying! He's a nice enough guy but he has a bit of baggage on him. Other than that she likes him and he really likes her.

And then the Anna Edwards murder comes up and he's leading the investigation. As time went by Andrew eventually drifted away from her. Whenever Audree tries to get the sparks flying he's not interested! Finally Audree makes an unsuccessful last ditch attempt and loses another lover as well.

Fanon:Mike Edwards He's cute but he's a single father. They both enjoy talking in the hot tub and playing chess together. They're great together but something feels off with his daughter Anna and stepson Tanner. Whatever it is, nothing will tear their relationship apart. Audree definitely feels something with him.

Again, the Anna thing. Fortunately it didn't affect their relationship as much as Audree thought it would. Things are warm between them but nothing like before. She sees hims as a very good friend though and trusts him with her kids (two of which are his). But eventually things became complicated between them and she never contacted him or the kids after she left.

Fanon:James Finnegan He's funny and a total partyer! They are both very enthusiastic and love to dance! James is great and has a lot in common with Andrew. The problem is, she doesn't want to be torn between the two. Like Andrew, James seems to have some baggage too. But based on his relationships with other female Sims, she's worried that he might turn away from her.

And turn away he did. They were drifting away anyway.

Fanon:Carl Buchanan Another cutie. Problem is that he's married to a nice girl and they have a bunch of kids. Carl doesn't seem to respond well to Audree's moves. He tried to stay away from her at first but they got along once they knew each other. He doesn't seem to get the message that they should be together.

And that didn't go so well. Audree isn't too upset. He's got a great wife and a bunch of little kiddies to take care of. It takes a lot of resilience to take care of so many kids while building up a career.

Fanon:Richard McCaffery He's a bit younger, not to mention married with a kid. But to Audree he's the cutest nerd ever! He's so smart and geeky. Audree finds him adorable like a little puppy. He seems like he's falling for her. His wife is also young too and seems nice. Audree doesn't mind being a cradle robber.

But he seems to avoid her like the plague. Audree wonders what's going on but he refuses to answer. Their relationship's definitely in jeopardy. After what happened with Claire and Shannon, he stopped talking to her altogether.

Fanon:Matt Roderick He's a bit of a ladies man, which Audree really likes. Thing is he's also young, married, and a father. His wife seems way too out of his league. Matt can be a bit arrogant but Audree feels that it's his way of looking tough. He looks like a softie underneath. She's already gotten through him, he's definitely the type who can pull off an affair.

She did for a while then his cheerleader wife found out. Audree got a black eye from her! She feels bad for possibly ruining his marriage but it was worth it. There's definitely some fire going on between them. Unfortunately their relationship became very stormy. On a whim they decided to leave town in hopes of repairing it. Not long after, Matt left.

Acquaintances Edit

Anna Edwards Something's up with her. Each time Audree tries to talk to her, she refuses. Maybe it's because she's seeing his father. Audree really wants to get along with her because she's so close with Mike. Whatever the reason, Anna's probably just being a moody teen.

Audree's opinions of Anna has changed slightly after her death. She regrets not knowing her better and feels bad for Mike. The fact that she was possibly murdered upsets Audree very much.

Tanner Blue Audree feels something's up with him too. In his case, maybe he doesn't like the fact that Mike started seeing her soon after he divorced his mother. Audree tried reaching out to him too without success. Then again, he's probably a moody teen too.

Fanon:Shannon Wimble Audree thinks she's okay. Shannon likes her but Audree doesn't like the way she hangs over Bill and how Bill hangs over her. Shannon's really sweet but Bill is just wrong for her.

Now Shannon hates her after finding out about her and Bill. It doesn't really matter to Audree that much. Scott seems okay though. Denni really hates her too.

Enemies Edit

Fanon:Claire Bennett Matt's wife. Girl seems nice but when she's mad, watch out! Audree feels kind of bad for ruining their relationship but she thinks Claire's overreacting. Audree got a black eye from her!

Appearances Edit

Fanon:Sim Lane Stories