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Fanon: Autumn Steels

Autumn Jane Steels was born to Melody and Johnothan Steels (née Prime) in 1994. She was described as friendly, outgoing and loving children. Although she was never married, she had a lot of men who fancied her. Around her 20th she suddenly vanished, never to be seen again.

Childhood and Relationship with ChristopherEdit

As a child, she was a tad scary to look at due to a chemical accident that burnt her lips horribly and wrinkled her skin. Around when she turned 7, a new boy came to town, his name was Christopher James.

Christoper didn't care what Autumn looked, as long as they loved each other, that was all that matter. Sadly, when she turned 10, Christopher was killed in a freak house fire, Autumn was depressed, she tried to kill herself by locking herself in her room and starving herself. This failed however, when her mother called her down for her favourite meal, Waffles!!  Excited, she ran so fast out her room, she ripped off its hinges, from then on, her bedroom had an archway in it and the door was never replaced.

Teen yearsEdit

By the time she turned 15, her face was so horribly burnt, that no-one would look at her. Distraught, she turned to Chris' ghost to comfort her, and with it, she discovered where she could look like herself again. She promised him that when she turned 16, she would start to raise money for the operation and she would astound him with her new look.

Surgery and Transformation Edit

At 16, she started to raise money for the surgery. It was 250,000 Simoleons. It was around this time that she noticed wings on her back and soon discovered she was a fairy. She was delighted and horrified, as she thought she would be labelled as a freak of society.  Two weeks later, she had enough money for the surgery, she raced down to the hospital to get the surgery. It was an intense 18 hour operation for the face reshaping and it was worth every Simoleon.

After the surgeryEdit

After the intense and incredible operation lasting JUST over 18 hours, she walked out the hospital, looked in the window and screamed, she looked more beautiful than she imagined, her orangey hair had gone black and she loved it, her eyes were a beautiful blue colour, she eagerly went home and her parents were so shocked, her mum fainted. The next day she put in a pair of red dangly earrings and put on her favourite attire, a brown shirt with a black T-shirt and a silver necklace that had a very long pendant chain on it. She didn't care though as loved her new look. The second she stepped into town, every male ran towards her, begging her to be their wife. She replied with a "You'll have to work for it" expression.

20th Birthday and DisapperanceEdit

On the night of her 20th Birthday, she wore the same attire she had the day after her surgery. When she walked down those steps, everyone cheered and clapped and they wouldn't stop remarking her beauty. Men held doors open for her, they even gave her their chair if she wanted somewhere to sit down. But the best present was what the Goths gave her. Gunther, Cornelia and Mortimer decided to give her their house because they didn't like it anymore, they had gone out of their "Goth" stage. She was shocked at this and gave them 100,000 Simeoloens each.

However, a few weeks after she moved into her new home, she mysteriously disappered. Everyone was really concered, they searched everywhere for her, but no trace of her was found. They even checked her house, every room, looked the same as the night of 20th birthday party. Even after 5 years, she still remains missing.

Reported sightingsEdit

Around 3 years after she disappered, her dad had a call from his relatives in Twinbrook to say that they saw a woman who looks just like Autumn. He denied this as Twinbrook had no records of her.

After 5 years, there was another sighting. Locals reported a woman, looking just like Autumn with two kids and having brown hair.

Both these claims were dismissed as Autumn had a lot of lookalikes.

Photo GalleryEdit