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B3L4’s gears might be rusty, but his evil is as good as new.
Name B3L4
Gender Male Male
Life state Plumbot Plumbot
Education and Employment
Science career icon Genetic Resequencer
The Bramblerose Household
Roommates Margot Bramblerose, Zavidah Bramblerose, Tyron Bramblerose
Trait chips
Trait Chip Office Drone small Office Drone
Trait Chip Sinister Circuits small Sinister Circuits
Trait Chip HandiBot small HandiBot
Trait Chip Mood Adjuster small Mood Adjuster
Trait Chip Efficient small Efficient
Trait Chip Limitless Learning small Limitless Learning
Trait Chip Sentience small Sentience
Hidden traits
Trait Future Sim small Future Sim
Other Information
Game TS3ITF Icon The Sims 3: Into the Future
World Oasis Landing
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B3L4 was created by Moira Sword and is the house Plumbot of Margot, Zavidah and Tyron Bramblerose.

Programmed to be EvilEdit

He was the first and only prototype of Aunt Moira and was created for one reason and one reason only: to find and destroy Marleen’s secret fountain of youth, so Moira could be the only immortal person in the whole world – or at least in the family. Classic Moira.

However there were some miscalculations in the plan that somehow led not only to a dystopian world but to the abscence of Marleante and Zygo, not to mention the terrible music taste people now have in the future. I mean, come on! What is this polk thingie? Even the King listens to it, that’s just unbelievable. Oh, wait! Polk music was Margot’s fault, not B3L4’s. My bad, never mind.

So what about Marleen’s fountain of youth? She still looks like a 25-years-old, so I guess that might gave you a hint. And where did Marleante and Zygo go? Into the future – where else? With B3L4 who kinda-sorta ruined the time machine, so there was no going back. But why on earth would he do that? ’Cause he is a cunning little piece of cabbage. Moira’s words, not mine.

He certainly turned out evil – but not the way Moira imagined.


  • He mastered his Advanced Technology, Inventing, Gardening, Science, Handiness, Logic and Alchemy skills.
  • His quality rating is 7.
  • B3L4 has the same type of holopet, just like his maker had. He gave him the name Mr. Renfield. For reasons.