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Basic Magic
Series: Spells Inside a School
Written by: LolitaG

Previous chapter: My First Day
Next chapter: Under Construction

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New CharactersEdit

  1. Miss Torch

A neutral witch and is the Witch school's receptionist.

Say Hello!Edit

Hello! My name is Angela Pleasant, and I'm going to tell you about my new school, actually this school is much better than the old one, since I'm going to be a sparkly(?) Good witch when I'm 25. If you like to listen, just read ahead!

The StoryEdit

As my sister woke me up, I woke up in shock and I heard my mom yelled. "Lilith! Don't be Childish, please be mature!" And Lilith said, "Yes mom, but Angie always woke up until I tried for Ages." So I said, "Look! The Castle!" "Where?" "Oh, it would be fun to made Lilith look like a Zombie!" I said. "Ooops!!" "What did you say? You want me to become a zombie? Well then you're a helicopter!" "Sorry, Lil!" I said. "I wanna meet Dust In Broke again! I am heartbroken if I don't!" Lilith mumbled, but actually I heard that :p. "I heard that." I said calmly, hoping her to be furious, ut, Lilith is not the type of quick angered, and I admit, she's quite psychic, and a good mind reader. "Try again!" Lilith said, calmly. "Ok, girls, let's get off the car." My mom said, so I get out of the car, and making fake horns on Lilith's head with my fingers. "Hello! Giselle! Long time I didn't see you! and these are my daughters. Angela, Lilith, this is Giselle Torch, the receptionist." "Nice to meet you, Miss Torch." Me and Lilith said together to that young witch in brown-tan-gold dress. It is actually quite pretty, though. "Are you a good or evil witch?" I asked her. I don't know, how could the words get out. Seems magic, but kind of creepy, though. "No, I'm a neutral witch. The head good witch is Phoebe Adams, and the evil one is Frances McCullough." "Ooo... I see." Lilith said. "So, we're going to practice magic, spells, potions, and others with this outfit?" "Nope, but.., Comma EtViola Tacco!" "Whoa.. y-y-y-yeaaa... Ouch!" "That's surely odd!"I yelled. "Wh-what-what, what are you wearing?"Lilith said to me, making me confused. "Of course I'm wearing my dre.. Whoa! Is this a witch uniform?" "Cool! This thing doesn't exist in pleasantview!" "Giselle, can you take care of my kids?"Mom said. "Sure. They're at the west tower, room number is 506."Miss Torch said. "You're at Grade 1. That is for junior teenage witches. South and East towers are for males."She said. "Oh, bye Angela, bye Lilith! Take care of yourself!" Mom goodbyes us, leaving us staring at her. I saw small tears on Lilith's eyes. "Lilith? Are you okay?"I tried to be nice, but.. "Leave me alone!" She yelled, leaving me alone. "Lilith, wait!" Miss Torch said, Leaving me here, totally alone.