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"All of the street racing in Bayview has finally calmed down, but that's not what caused residents to panic. A nice 6.0 Magnatude earthquake hit the city, causing water levels to rise unexpectedly. The water levels aren't really bad, but it can be dealt with. The city experiences warm, tropical weather year round and is full of brilliant palm trees."
Name Bayview
Game(s) The Sims 3 Late Night
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Bayview is a city being created by LOLZpersonok. There are currently two versions: One version that is smaller and consists of four islands. It was scrapped on November 11, 2011 and is being totally revamped so it is larger and much more realistic. The second version is the revamped version, currently still in production. It is nearly twice the size of Bridgeport. }} Bayview is being modelled after the Bayview in Need For Speed Underground 2 (Though is going to contain significant differences). It will come packaged with a Chinatown, Downtown, lower class residential and higher class residential.

Bayview is a shoreside city instead of four separate islands, with the low class residents and downtown both being on separate peninsulas. The higher class will also be on a peninsula, but this one is nearly a complete island and mostly surrounded by mountains. Going farther inland, there are mountains that lead away from the city. Like the old Bayview (That was never released) this new Bayview is going to be a tropical paradise and supposedly earthquake prone. It will also include several easter eggs.

As of Sunday, December 4th, 2011, the new city has been completed. It now is onto the final stage of production, and that stage is the Population stage. It currently has 358 lots.


Bayview has been cancelled due to an unresolvable glitch where the whole world has become unplayable. Construction will not continue. It will be fully replaced by a new world called Paradise City which is intended to be a lot more realistic than this one, however, will be a little bit smaller. Planned lots and other Sims will be brought into Paradise City. Another world that I am creating, Aptiva Mountains, is much smaller, and contains some sims that were planned for Bayview City, especially Allison Gueste and Estevan Tremblay. Paradise City will also contain the same (or similar) easter eggs and references as Bayview and will include a damaged district that shows scars of a previous earthquake.



This is the current completion of the city. Currently, there is only 12 families and 358 lots.


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This image is currently not up to date with the current completion of the city.


  • Instead of 'Bayview', it is now being called 'Bayview City', due to its immense size.
  • The city was supposedly struck by a recent earthquake. This is evident as one of the downtown skyscrapers is under repair, there is a severely damaged structure close to the outskirts of the city, and one of the roads is barricaded and severely crumpled up.
  • Within Bayview, there will be a grungy district, with buildings that appear to be damaged by the infamous earthquake that is mentioned throughout the city.
  • In the original Bayview, a building that appeared to be damaged and being supported by scaffoldings is returning to the new Bayview, the only difference is that it is larger and the 'damage' is much more realistic
  • Several iconic residents of Bayview City will include residents such as Rachel Teller, a character appearing in Need For Speed Underground 2 and other references to movies and video games.
  • The "Elements of Darkness" dance club's description has a reference to a song by the Welsh Band, Hybrid. It refers to their song called "Lights Go Down Knives Come Out". As the description states: Here at the Elements of Darkness club, when the lights go down, the knives will soon come out.' You know, figuratively.