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Lolita Goth was walking in the rain, her tattered umbrella flattering in the strong wind. Her mascara was smudged after crying. Even though Lolita had tried to latch onto the Goth household even after Victor realized he loved Gretle and divorced Lolita, she failed miserably. Well, she had stayed for a few months. Then she caused trouble, plotting to split up Gretle and Victor. Victor found out her plans and kicked her out, without anything for her to survive. Lolita was so deep in her thoughts that she didn't realize that her grip was loosening on her umbrella. When she looked up, her umbrella was swirling in the wind, flying away. Lolita yelled and jumped up, trying to get it back, even though it had probably travelled a far way away, and was probably stuck on top of the City Hall or even on top of the lighthouse which was practically overseas.

Lolita sat down by a lake and sobbed. Her life had already fallen apart in a few hours. Maybe she would have to stay homeless, and be looked down on rich snobs like the Landgraabs, and get thrown pennies at, and maybe get thrown rocks at by rude little kids. Lolita was going to try and make a life. But when she got up, a lightning bolt struck her back and she died. Her ghost floated back to the Goth home and she eventually got buried there when Victor found out. Ever since her demise, she stayed there and only came out at night, trying to find Gunther, who she was determined to make her future love...