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This story is my story about what I beleive happened after Bella Goth dissapeared.

Part One Edit

OOF! A beautifil girl in a red dress got up and rubbed her bottom. She didn't know where she was, who she was, or what she was doing here. She examined her surroundings. She was next to a road, a very long road. The young woman looked left, then right, to figure out where to go. Ugh. I might as well be doing eeny-meenie-miney-mo. I'll be more likely to find somewhere that way than using my own instincts She thought to herself. She decided to go left.

She walked for miles & miles. She was tired, thirsty, and her legs were sore. Not to mention scared.

After walking for so long, she saw a sign. She managed to read it, in her tired, delirious state. "Strangetown, 11 miles" Strangetown? What's 'Strangetown'?. She looked up at the sky, and saw it slowly turn from a lovely bright orange to a purple, to a dark blue.

Keep walking, or rest? She thought to herself. She didn't want to sleep in the middle of Nowhere, scared, cold and alone so she decided to keep walking. By the time she got there, she could barely walk, and the sun was begining to rise. She stumbled along a long road, to find a medium-sized, Suburban-looking house that looked out of place in this vast desert. She slowly made her way to the door and knocked.

After a short while of waiting, a pretty blonde woman opened the door. "Hello? What are you doing knocking so early?" "I...I..." She could barely finish her sentance when she passed out right in front of this stranger.

Jenny stared, confused, at the unconcious woman that lay infront of her. "Um...Are you okay, miss?" She asked. No answer. She turned around and called for her husband, who was in the kitchen. "What is it, dear?" He asked. "There's this woman passed out on our porch." "Why?" "I don't know." She responded. "I'll bring her in." The man said quietly. He picked up the unconcious young woman carried her inside.

End of part one!