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Bella's Secrets
Genre: Mystery
Created by: Fangirl4545 and Slade81
Rating: PG-13
Number of chapters: N/A

Status: In Progress

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Bella Goth stood out on the deck of Don Lothario's house, watching the stars, trying to cool her temper. Abashed after his failed attempt at seduction, her host had gone back inside, getting her some coffee to try to make amends. On any other day, she might have kissed him back, but there was so much tension in her. She sighed. Love reminded her painfully of where her choices had brought her. She was famous, rich, sought-after, but the stress of all those skeletons in her closet wore on her constantly. She hadn't truly enjoyed anything for a long time. Her thoughts were interrupted by a footstep. She looked immediately at the door, expecting Don. A small laugh came from behind her, and she whirled around. A slender figure stood there, holding a .22 pistol in its hand. "Bella," the unfamiliar voice said mockingly, "He's not coming. This is far too important for that dolt to do anything about it." Bella gasped. "What? What do you want? Money, fame, power---I'll help you, whatever it is, I swear!" she choked. Moonlight glinted off of the figure's smile. "Good." One ring of a shot followed another, and Bella screamed as she fell to the ground.

Main CharactersEdit

Johnson Drake ~ A friendly, good-looking man who works hard at his job to make life safer for other people, everyone calls this nice guy Drake. He's worked with his detective partner Olivia for 4 years now, and she's basically his best friend...From her point of view. Drake tries to ignore his unrequited feelings for her as he goes about his job. After all, there have been many murders like Bella's, and all need justice.

Olivia Ridge ~ Detective Ridge loves to party, and this gives her inside connections, even if some on the force wonder about the relevancy of her lifestyle working with her job. With such a famous sim as Bella Goth's unnatural death, her people skills as well as her athletic and mental prowress can make her an asset.

Bella Goth ~ The most beloved, famous, rich, sought-after woman in Riverview would surely not have anyone who hated her...Most people in SimNation thought that until she was shot twice and bled to death. As her murder is investigated, it is discovered by Ridge and Drake that many more would have a reason to hate her than those who loved her would think...

Don Lothario ~ He's suspect number one of Bella's murder, and he's in a tight position with all the newspaper publicity, especially when his fiancee mentioned their relationship on the Riverview Current. Now he's in romantic trouble with his other women, and in trouble with the law. Don has to rely on the two people who believe it wasn't him...and one of them happens to be a girl he cheated on.


Author Name Release date
Fangirl4545 Investigation August 8, 2013
Slade81 Den August 8, 2013
Fangirl4545 Back Into The Scenes August 8, 2013
Slade81 Whiteboard August 9, 2013
Fangirl4545 Suspect August 10, 2013
Slade81 Digging August 15, 2013
Slade81 Loose Tongues August 19, 2013
Slade81 Confrontation August 26, 2013
Fangirl4545 Finding Dina September 26, 2013
Fangirl4545 It's Over TBA


This poll, if you have read the chapter Confrontation, is not available to you. Please do not vote if you have read that chapter.

Who killed Bella? (See list of reasons in Chapter 4)

The poll was created at 18:43 on August 10, 2013, and so far 41 people voted.

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