Name: Confrontation
Series: Bella's Secrets
Written by: Hurshbr
Release date: August 26, 2013

Previous chapter: Loose Tongues
Next chapter: Finding Dina

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"Am I the only one of us who finds it weird how much Dina knew?" Ridge said, twirling in the office chair. "Yeah," Drake said, "you're the only one. I mean, she was on our list of people Bella wronged." "But what about her saying that Bella killed Alexander? I mean, usually the victims of Bella are all discreet, quiet, and only think about the problems they've had with her. We need to talk to Dina more. I have a feeling that she might have been actually implicated in what Bella's done," Ridge continued. Drake's eyes got large as he considered it. "You very well may be right," he said finally. "but we can't talk to her directly. She has a twin sister, Nina, that we could talk to." Bizarrely, that irritated Olivia. "Why do you know so much about that family?" she asked peevishly. Drake raised an eyebrow. "Because I rummage through a different letter in the birth registry weekly, ever since we found out about Bella's illegitimate son. I found those two." "Fine. How about you go talk to this Nina tomorrow, and I'll work on documenting all we've learned." "Alright," Drake said. "See you in the morning. Goodnight."

Leaving Olivia with a computer the next morning, Drake got in his car and drove out to 170 Main Street. He hoped Dina wasn't home as he knocked on the door, and a tan, pretty redhead opened the door. "Hello?" she said. Realizing he left his badge in the car, Drake didn't bother with the formalities. Lies substitute quite well. Nina looked too irritable to talk to a detective at the moment. "Hello," he said, thinking fast. "Is Dina here?" "No, sorry," Nina replied. "Well, she said that if she wasn't to wait in the livingroom. Do you mind?" "No," Nina said, but obviously she did. Drake sat down anyway. Nina was working in the livingroom, cleaning up, and it was awkward without conversation. Besides, Drake was here to interview her. "Isn't that whole murder crazy?" he began, though he knew it was a bad way to start. He just wanted the case over. "Yeah, but the craziest thing about it is how long it's taken whoever did it to catch on. No one needs Bella," Nina said with venom behind her voice. Bella was not a hit with either twin. "I've heard a lot from several people about what Bella did to them in her life," Drake observed. Nina laughed. Well, not really. It was more of a brief, bitterly mirthful bark. "You can't say she earned respect for the dead with everyone. How could she expect to?" Unsure what to say, Drake gave a simple mmm noise. "She's kicked everyone in town's *** and still gets the big fancy funeral. She is the embodiement of all the stupidity in SimNation. People talk about it like the killer was drunk, or it was robbery. No one wants to accept that she was hated." Drake decided to go out on a limb, dangerous though it was. "Was Dina drunk when she shot Bella?" He didn't actually suspect Dina, but Nina might be tricked into revealing something else. Like, the gun under the throw pillow on the couch. She pointed it at Drake with a determined look on her face. "Sober," she said. "Dead sober. So was I when I told her to do it." Her face glowed excitedly. Finally, someone besides her idiot sister to know. Well, she'd have to kill him afterwards, but whatever. "Bella ruined my life. She doesn't deserve to have one. I just told Dina it was for cash from Mortimer, 'cause that's all she wants. Told her it was gold digging, but I've wanted Bella dead for years. She killed the one guy I was ever really in love with. Tony MacDiarmid. She seduced him away from me and killed him when he almost made a slippup about what she does in business." A tear slipped  down Nina's cheek. "She did nothing for anyone but herself! She ruins some lives and takes others! She deserved to die!" Tears blurred her vision, and Drake edged to the door. When she ran out of steam, the bullets would fly. "I hate her! I needed revenge! I hate her!" Nina cried out, but Drake was gone. Nina composed herself and ran. Police would be rushing to her house in minutes. She climbed into her shiny red convertible and stepped on it, going out in a cloud of dust. But she'd kill Drake. She strongly suspected he was a detective, and she'd kill him and anyone he told.

Unwittingly, the first one Drake told was Olivia.

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