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Name: Investigation
Series: Bella's Secrets
Written by: Fangirl4545
Release date: August 8, 2013

Previous chapter: N/A
Next chapter: Den

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The moon shone bright on the pack porch that held the lifeless body of Bella Goth. Officer Jacob grabbed a pair of gloves from the police car and put them on. "Do you think we should call them?" Officer Adam asked. Jacob took a deep sigh, and then said, "Yes, I think that'll be best." Officer Adam gave a nod, and then went back inside the police car to answer a radio call. Jacob went through the crowed of policemen, and then went to where the victim was.

Officer Jacob searched around Bella's body and found nothing but one bullet hole through her chest and another in her shoulder, and pools of blood around her. After the search, Officer Jacob saw two people approaching the crime scene. Jacob knew it was no other then Detective Johnson Drake and Detective Olivia Ridge.

Jacob stepped away from the body that was once a beloved citizen and headed over to the detectives. Drake had a coat with the collar up, along with a hat covering most of his face. It seemed like one of those old 1950s mysteries. Detective Ridge was also wearing a coat but she didn't wear a hat, and the moon gleamed off her brown hair and electric blue eyes. "I'm glad you were able to make it, Detective." said Officer Jacob. "That's our job, Officer." Drake removed his hat, and underneath that hat was a young man with black short hair and a light 5 o'clock shadow.

"Anyway, what's the problem?" Olivia Ridge asked. "You see, the victim of the murder was Bella Goth," Jacob informed them. "The Bella Goth?" the irresprsible Olivia exploded. Drake silenced her and Jacob went on, "We can't seem to trace any evidence of the murderer. So, that's why we need you guys." He explained. "Do we have any suspects for the murder?" Drake asked. "Yes. His name is Donovan Lothario," replied Jacob. Olivia barely stifled a little shriek. "Donovan, eh?" Drake asked. "I'll go check this Don guy out."

Don was with the police asking a whole bunch of questions. His heart was racing faster then the Pleasantview Marathon runners. As Drake and Ridge saw him, Olivia broke into a run and hugged the suspect as she collided with him. "Donny, how did you get mixed up in this?" she whispered, stroking his cheek. "I guess I should save the questions for your friend there," Don said wearily to her, running his hand through her hair and nodding at Drake as he caught up to them. "Do you know this guy?" he asked Ridge, seeing their embrace. Ridge nodded and said, "He's been my boyfriend for a few months now." Drake looked irritated, but turned professional. "Hello, Don. My name is Detective Drake, and Detective Ridge and I are actually here on business. We're here to ask you a few things. Are you up to it?" Drake asked. "Y-yes Detective." Don replied tiredly. "Okay, were you here during the murder?" Drake asked. For legal reasons, Olivia decided to stay out of the questioning so no one could accuse her of behaving off of personal interests. Don replied to Drake with, "Yes, but I wasn't outside. I was inside." "What were you doing inside?" Drake asked. "Getting her --Bella, I mean-- some coffee." Don replied. Drake crossed his arms and said, "Why was she here in the first place?" Don replied with, "She wanted to visit me for something! I don't know! Leave me alone! I just came to this town recently anyway," Don replied with a much more nasty manner. Then reporters came in for questions, and the detectives were elbowed away. As they left, Olivia cried out, "I know it's not you, Don! I'll get you out of this, I swear!"

Back at the small beige office as the sun slowly came up, Drake said peevishly, "How do you know it wasn't this Don?" Ridge glared at him. "I know my Don. He would never do anything like this. I can trust him. He's completely honest." "Well, who do you think it was then?" "I don't know. We should check the paper tomorrow; see what the newspaper people and other police learned. We should also visit the scene again." "I agree."

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