Name: Suspect
Series: Bella's Secrets
Written by: Hurshbr
Release date: August 19, 2013

Previous chapter: Digging
Next chapter: Confrontation

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Loose TonguesEdit

All over SimNation Bella's death had been heard about, and then talked about. People showed their sore throats no mercy in yapping what they knew, what they thought they knew, and what they made up. Don was a town target for meanness. The crunchy fall leaves kept falling, the people kept talking, Ridge and Drake kept investigating, and the world kept a'spinnin'. Life moves on, even though Riverview citizens don't.

"Please? Please, please, please? Please?" Ridge pulled an adorable face as she begged Chief Ross. "There's no way I'm setting up a fund to pay all your expenses while you 'investigate' in clubs!" Ross said. The pleading turned to pouting. "Fine," Olivia snapped. "Keep down my detective method. Even though I've solved more than one case that way. Alright. I see how it is. I'm just gonna do it the boring and unsuccessful way." "Good," Ross said shortly.

Outside, walking back to the office down the street, Drake broke the silence. "I'll pay it. Your expenses, I mean." "You will? Oh, thank you! Thank you except for the catch which I know there must be!" Olivia exclaimed. Drake laughed. "Alright, here's the catch. No caviar or anything that costs more than fifty bucks each. I'm not made of money." "I beg to differ," Olivia said, pulling a quarter out from behind his ear. Their laughter rang up and down the road, and they were suddenly shy. "Olivia..." Drake said, the first time he ever called his work partner by her first name. "Yes?" Now that Ridge was waiting for his response, he hesitated, not sure what to say. Finally, he said something, but it went all wrong as it came out. "You have to take me partying with you." darn it! he thought. Ridge laughed and said, "Okay. That seems fair." Drake tried to laugh along, but he was inwardly morose. No matter whether she was single or not, he was always awkward about telling her how much he liked her. If she was as intuitive about love as she was about her job, she'd know by now. But she wasn't, and the loop went on. He used to be happy just appreciating her, but he had only fallen for her harder as days went by. He couldn't back away slowly. Unbeknownst to him, Olivia was also dissatisfied. She had realized once she was not wrapped up in any other men, she realized that there was something different about him lately, and she wanted him to talk to her about it. She also felt weird around him, and she assumed it was because he was different. If her subconscious didn't register him as anything other than a coworker and best friend, she might realize why she felt like she did. But it was hard for her to imagine the two of them as anything other than what they were now. So, once the laughter died out, they walked on to the office in silence.

Colored light spilled out onto the street as Drake opened the Watering Hole Bar door for Ridge. She felt at her element with the chatter, the drinks, the dancing, the music. To her delight, several suspects were here, as well as other people trying to drown their heartbreak over Bella. Or how Bella broke their hearts, Olivia thought.

Olivia found a seat on the counter, and asked for a Shot of Whisky. She looked to her right and saw, Drake drinking a Shot of Palm Wine. It's funny because, Olivia barely sees Drake drinking any type of alcohol. On her left, she saw a woman, with tanned skin, blonde hair, and a black dress. It seemed like she was drowning all her problem's in a few glasses of champagne. "Having a bad day?" Olivia asked. The woman looked at Olivia and then said, "I just came in here to get away from those freaks who always talk about Bella..." The woman said. "Why are you so upset about it?" Olivia asked cautiously. The woman mumbled a little before replying but, she then replied. "Didn't you hear the things that she did? All the murder she committed?" the woman replied with a loud tone. Drake butted in saying, "Yes, we know what she did? You know anything else about her?" Before replying, The woman thought to herself, "That must be her boyfriend..." "Yes, I know a few things about her. But, may I get your names?" Drake stretched out his hand, and said, "The names Drake." the woman shakes Drakes hand and then, moves onto Olivia. "My names Ridge. You?" "Dina." "Well than, Dina. Can you tell us more about Bella?" Olivia asked. "Okay, I know that Bella is a big, fat, ugly, woman!" Olivia turns towards Drake with a "She's Drunk" face. She continued on with, "And she killed Alexander! I know it!" "How can you be so sure about this?" Drake asked. "Because, I know!" she replied drunkenly. "Okay, okay! That's enough! You had a little too much to drink today, girl." The bartender said while kicking Dina out.

"Well, that was stupid..." Drake said. Olivia gave out a nod and then said, "Yeah. Your right." Olivia looks over at the dance floor, and then says, "You wanna dance a bit?" Drake looked over at the dance floor and says, "Sure. Why not?" When they made their way over to the dance floor, the DJ changes the song to a slow song. "Oh crap..." Drake thought to himself. Drake got himself into position, and held on to Olivia. "So, you liked the visit?" Drake said while laughing. "Oh yes! Besides the drunk people." Olivia said. Drake knew what she was referring to. The song was pretty short so, it ended. Drake lets go of Ridge, and they went back to the office.

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