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Bella's disappearance
Bella and Michael
Name: Bella's disappearance
Series: All Blue
Written by: Auror Andrachome
Release date: April 4, 2012

Previous chapter: Cassandra's engagement
Next chapter: Dina's entrance

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Bella's disappearance is the fourth chapter in the fan-fiction series, All Blue.

Those were the days of Bella's childhood...forced to hide her magic by her own father, who loathed it very much. As a child, she rarely did practice magic, especially not in front of her father. For reasons no one knows, it upset him so much. When Bella's mother, Jocasta Bachelor, told her husband, Simis Bachelor, he wouldn't talk to her for days. Only for him would Jocasta become a normal Sim and stop practicing magic. Bella hated it, but she had become utterly normal. Nothing was wrong with being just made her too plain. She wanted to be unique and she wanted a unique partner by her side. That is when she met Mortimer Goth.
Mortimer was a unique character--someone Bella wanted. He was cheerful and bright, but could get grumpy if he didn't get what he wanted. However, that was natural. After all, Mortimer came from the Goth family, who were incredibly wealthy. Even Mortimer said he could see ghosts. This enticed Bella in a particular way that even she didn't understand. No normal Sim was supposed to see ghosts...but the Goth family in general was just special. They were dressed Gothic, and had a exquisitely dark house, colored in black and purple. Much gossip was among Sunset Valley about the Goths and what happened in that strange mansion. No one knows who Lolita Goth is, nor what killed her...moving on. Bella immediately befriended Mortimer when she first moved to Sunset Valley with her family. Bella was intrigued by him, but Mortimer probably didn't feel the same way. By this time, Bella and Mortimer were still in grade school, and the greatest of friends.
Over twenty years have passed, with many things having gone on. Bella has her best friend and later, lover, Mortimer Goth. They now have a daughter, named Cassandra. They even live in a new home, which still has the creepy Goth appeal to it. Bella's parents are still alive, but have moved away from Sunset Valley--now named Pleasantview. Bella still rarely practices magic, but it's useful once in awhile. Gunther and Cornelia Goth are still happily married, and have moved to Old Town--the older part of Pleasantview. They've pretty much lost their Goth ways, but still attain an interesting look. Now, Bella is happy, or, pretending to be happy. Her husband is an inventor, and is working his way up the Science career ladder, while Bella is more-or-less, the stay-at-home wife. Obviously, there is something missing...but what? After all, Bella is a romance Sim that has stayed attached to Mortimer all this time, without one infidelity---very surprising. Let's fast-forward a couple of years to see what happens with the family--and Bella.
A fire had burned down 77 Maple Street in 1989, which forced Gunther and Cornelia to move into their son's home. This brought them closer to their beloved granddaughter Cassandra, and newly-born son, Alexander Goth. Bella still rarely practiced magic, but life was still happy(ish). By this time, both of her parents had died of natural causes. Her brother Michael was still single, and lived in a condo by himself. It was unknown whether he ever practiced magic or not. This time period seemed to be the best time for the Goth family...before everything began to fall apart.
A lot happened for the Goth family in twelve years. Two separate fires happened during this time period. The first one burnt down 5 Sim Lane and caused the death of Gunther Goth. The second fire happened much later, but it caused the death of Cornelia Goth. Tragedy can also strike at the worst moments, as not long after Alexander became a little toddler, she disappeared...nowhere to be found. Some say she was abducted by aliens...others say she was murdered by Don Lothario. Whether she was abducted or murdered did not matter, as it still shook the Goth family forever. Mortimer Goth was forced to grow old alone, and take care of his young son and aging daughter. He is now a retired mad scientist, having become one so great that he is perceived as the greatest scientist in SimNation! During this time, he came to meet the Caliente sisters, who arrived the same night Bella disappeared. This caused a great stir among the community, but they were pardoned, as there was no evidence that they were involved with the disappearance of Bella. Little did they know that the Caliente sisters were ¼ Alien....

Now you know 50 years of Goth family history. Now that you know the truth, what do you think?