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So hey,

I'm new here. I read the theories from Bella Goth theories archive. And I wanted to share my theories about Bella Goth's disappearance. So here we go.

What if, there is no Bella Goth? Have you ever think about it? And I can hear you're saying, "Oh god this is a crazy person, please shut up." Whatever, I'm sharing my thoughts. I think Bella (as a sim) never exist. She was always a clone of the aliens made/create. First of all, the story should start from The Sims 3, right? Bella born in Sunset Valley as Bella Bachelor at Bachelor Family's home. She is just a kid and she was best friends with Mortimer Goth. As I read the theories "Bella Bachelor doesn't look like any of the persons in her family. She might be adopted." so let's think about it and assume that theory is right. She might be adopted actually. Ok. And we don't know where the child comes, actually we don't know when we adopt a child who's the baby. And we don't know who's her/him parents. So if Bella adopted, she might be aliens baby. But I don't think she is an alien baby. Because she doesn't look like them. So they might me cloned her. But as we know the aliens never abducted a baby. At least I don't know. So, if they abducted Bella she should be bigger than a baby. A child, teen or adult. According to my theory they abducted Bella Goth in The Sims 2. There was a real Bella or if Bella adopted in The Sims 3 she was a clone. And this makes all the Bella's in The Sims games clone. But if the Bella (taken one) was a real sim there is no a real (sim) Bella anymore. They're all clones. Hula Zombies look like her too. Or, or, or, these all Mortimer's subconscious. Because Alexander looks like Cassandra's childhood times (The Sims 1). And I can't estimate where should we put The Sims 4 timeline. So, if I should say something about my complicated theory. Bella was a clone. 

Please share you ideas too.

Thanks for allowing time and reading. :)