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Belle-Marria has long hair in the front, but spiky hair in the back in a short/small ponytail. She wears bright pink eyeshadow and black eyeliner. She has fair skin and a small spread of freckles across her cheeks, and a beauty mark beneath her left eye. She also has bright red hair, wears red lip gloss, and has baby/sky blue eyes.




Belle-Marrisa Lemintine is the mother of Robby, Kelley, and Michelle Lemintine, and wife of Star News Anchor, Charlie Lemintine. She is currently the Leader of the free world in Sunset Valley

Early LifeEdit

As a baby, Belle-Marrisa's parent were always being lured into many jobs, only, hoping for enough money to take care of Belle-Marrisa. They often found themselves almost being burgled but they'd always caught the burglars.

As a toddler, Belle-Marrisa was always well tooken care of, but was always found lonely when the lazy babysitter came and her family left for work.

When Belle-Marissa became a child, her parents had gotten better jobs, her mother, Clara McVonnie, was just beginning a life as a Law Enforcer, and her father, Jason McVonnie was a CEO. She had made many friends and always was being invited over. No burglar had bothered to try and steal from the McVonnie household, as they could now afford a house alarm.

As a teen, Belle-Marrisa had met Charlie Lemintine, and had immediately fell in love. Belle-Marrisa had started dating him, and as he always made her swoon, she fell in love everytime they talked. Her parents had started a simple conversation about puberty, and many things. They told her that she was probably going to fall in love, which made her uncomfortable, yet they continued, they had always made Charlie feel at home, to the point where they were good friends and chatted on a daily basis.

Charlie Lemintine

Belle-Marrisa had gotten jealous about how much time Charlie was spending with her parents instead of her. She did not want to come off as the "Get-Jealous-At-Every-Sim-He-Interacts-With-Type", so she kept her jealousy in and gave a small strained smile when he chatted with her relatives.

She finally got annoyed when she had saw them dancing to classical music together, because she thought he could've been doing something. She yelled at him and eventually they broke up. She was miserable, but gave a strained smile at her misery too.

Soon, she had a meltdown when he came to beg for forgiveness, and they happily rejoiced.

After becoming a young adult, he became one as well, and they had a private wedding. She had persuaded him into Woohooing, and found her self pregnant after a long Woohoo. She gave birth to Kelley Lemintine, and stayed at home to take care of her while Charlie began a career in Journalism.

After a promotion, they threw a party which had gotten out of hand, to the point where people where Woohooing with each other. Charlie had gotten excited and joined the fun, and Belle-Marrisa had become pregnant again. She gave birth to Michelle Lemintine, and had joined the Political career track for items for Michelle.

Charlie was becoming more successful in the Journalism career, as well as Belle-Marrisa in the political career. They had just watched Michelle and Kelley become children, and Woohooed again in an almost immediate birth to Robby.

Belle-Marrisa followed her dream of becoming Leader of the Free World, and Charlie followed his of becoming a Star News Anchor, and they are rich.