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Bello family
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The potion changed the fate of SimNation
Name Bello family
Number of generations around 100 generations
Family connections Several of families across SimNation
Other Information
Game TS3 Icon The Sims 3
Playability Playable
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The Beginning

Hundreds of years ago in a medieval village, A teenage orphan Olivia met a man her age named Arthur. They got married at 21 keeping Olivia's last name Bello. They had two children Grace and Spencer, years went past of them all being just a normal family, until Grace and Arthur got tired of being "normal" so they went to a witch and asked her to make their lives more interesting, She mixed a brew that once they both split it their lives changed forever. When one drank the potion it would give the most skills and the best and worst qualities, But they split the Potion.

Olivia became the nicest person with the best qualities, but Arthur became the meanest with the worst of qualities. They quickly got into a fight, but neither are said to have survived...

Grace and Spencer found out and blamed each other, and that's when they put a permanent barrier between them. That's when the family split.

Over time

The Bello family has expanded and have been the most untrustworthy family ever, there has been many murders, killings, and secrets between all of them, and mostly every one in the world. Many parts of the family have been lost in time, and many people have done anything to prove that they are a descendant of the family. Many many people have been around SimNation that are descendants of this family, who values death over importance and thinks life is nothing over what this family can do .

Currently this family has over 100 members throughout SimNation, most are unknown because they want to just be a secret. So just be careful of who your sims trust because you have no idea of what would happen if this family is messed with!

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