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Ran Away
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Big Brother Sims Edition
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Name: Big Brother Sims Edition
Genre: Competition
Created by: Auror Andrachome
Rating: PEGI12

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This fanon is not to be confused with RoseGui's awesome version of Big Brother.


This competition is like no other, 52 cameras follow every single one of your movements and 80 microphones record every single one of your secrets. This season 16 HouseGuests will move into the Big Brother Big Twist house in order to complete weekly challenges and come out superior as the last house guest standing. Every week in the Big Brother house HouseGuests will contest for the simple luxuries in life that have been taken away from them and more importantly… influence in the house. Week by week HouseGuests will vote to evict another of their fellow HouseGuests out of the Big Brother Big Twist House.


Chapter Name
1 Meeting Day and First HOH Competition


Corin (Big Brother)
Sandy (Big Brother)
Birth Queen
Birth Queen
Emily (Big Brother)
Justin (Big Brother)
Janelle (Big Brother)
Tom (Big Brother)
Headley (Big Brother)
Caleb (Big Brother)
Horacio (Big Brother)
Gertie (Big Brother)
Gordy (Big Brother)
Janice (Big Brother)
Henry (Big Brother)
Andrew (Big Brother)
Tabitha (Big Brother)

How it worksEdit

Head of HouseholdEdit

At the start of every week the Head of Household competition will be held. Every HouseGuest (Including the previous Head of House) will be required to compete for immunity and… secrets. Along with the prize of immunity, the Head of House will be required to nominate two of their fellow HouseGuests.


It is the duty of the Head of Household to nominate two houseguests for eviction. These two houseguests must plead their case to their fellow houseguests in order to stay.

Golden Power of VetoEdit

When the winner of the Power of Veto competition is announced, they will have 15 hours to post if they choose to save one of the nominated HouseGuests. The POV holder can decide not to use their power. If the Power of Veto is used, the Head of House will have to re-nominate another HouseGuest. Please note the Power of Veto holder cannot be nominated for eviction.

Haves and Have NotsEdit

A Have is a House Guest that gets to sleep in a regular room, have normal food privileges, and take warm showers. The alternative is a Have Not. The status of Have or Have Not is determined in the weekly Have/Have Not Competition.


Once nominees have been chosen, every HouseGuest (excluding the nominees) will be required to vote for either one of the nominees via PM. HouseGuests will have 24 hours to send me their votes. Once I have received every vote the nominee with the highest amount of votes will be evicted from the Big Brother House. Once the house is down to 8 players, evicted houseguests will be required to answer a small questionnaire on the competition. In the event of a tie, the HoH will be required to evict one of the nominated players.