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Bill Cardova
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Audree and Bill Cardova
'Meet the Cardovas, two Sims who no one really knows about. What is their story?'
Name Bill Cardova
Gender TS2 Male Male
Age TS3-Adult Adult
Life state CAS Human icon Sim
Zodiac sign Cancer Cancer
Hair color TS2 Blonde Hair Blond
Skin color Skin-light Light
Body shape Thin Thin
Other Information
Game The Sims Icon The Sims
Neighborhood Sim Lane
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Biography Edit

Bill is a huge mystery. No known family or birthdate. There are rumors though that he was supposedly one of the kids who lived on the death lot several years ago. The kid he is believed to be lived under the name "What Shock". Though some Sims report seeing What Shock's ghost, it is not certain whether he died or not because his body was never found. When asked, Bill will neither confirm or deny it. No one really knows for sure but there is some evidence, like his clean-freak nature, might prove that they are the same Sim.

Life in The Sims Edit

Bill and his supposedly third cousin once removed Audree come to Sim Lane. The reason for moving is not known. Bill comes across as mysterious to many Sims. He has on obsession with cleaning, which catches a lot of attention. He eventually becomes friends with Andrew Mason and starts dating Shannon Wimble. He currently has no purpose and prefers to spend his time doing whatever he wants.

Bill's relationship with Shannon is taken to the next level when they decide to get serious. This resulted in a baby. After finding out Bill decides to move in with Shannon and her daughter so he can help take care of the baby when it's born. His future with Shannon looks a little shaky but Bill hopes that they can work things out. But Audree isn't so happy about it, which he can't blame her for. Denni is really upset about it, which really worries Bill.

Bill is reluctant about committing to his relationship with Shannon. She's already a single mother, which was a huge risk for him. Unfortunately he is unable to handle it and runs back to Audree, who he reveals to be his wife. Shannon is understandably upset and kicks him out. A few days later Scott was born. Bill as yet to see him.

Afterward Bill suddenly ups and disappears. He returns months later with some Sim named hamm. They both move into the death lot. Audree rejoins him there. A few days later hamm dies in a mysterious fire near the graves. Bill seems to be antisocial lately and no one knows what is going on and why he chose to live in the deadliest place in Sim Lane. Especially one where he supposedly almost died in.

While living in the haunted lot, Bill became very antisocial, spending time at the graves. He often sat near the empty grave of What Shock. No one knew what to say or do. That behavior increased after Audree and Matt left.

Epilogue Edit

On the night he disappeared, Bill was reportedly seen talking to the ghost of No Shock, a friend of What Shock who drowned in the pool of the death lot. The next morning he disappeared. What was left behind was a note on the tombstone of What Shock saying: The grave lies. The ground next to the empty grave was dug up. This still remains a mystery.

Family? Edit

Fanon:Audree Cardova No one knows how they really meet. The two have an interesting relationship. They started out as enemies then all of a sudden it's like everything's fine between them. What's also weird is that when they see their friends, one of them is usually holed up in their room, mainly Bill.

It is later revealed that they were married and the third cousin thing is not true. Why Bill say the cousin thing, I don't know. But there are strange vibes with these two.

Children Edit

Scott Shannon and Bill's child. He shares his mother's love for music and his father's OCD tendencies. He is very close to Denni despite the large age difference. He never knew his father because Bill refused to acknowledge him but Scott held no grudge against him. Scott is a talented drummer and has a very high IQ.

Relationships Edit

Fanon:Shannon Wimble She's cute and pretty. Very gifted pianist. The fact that she has a daughter is a turn-off for him though. Denni's a sweet girl but he prefers his women free. Bill really likes Shannon and he feels that they're meant for each other.

Eventually Bill and Shannon take their relationship to the next level, resulting in a child together. Bill decides to move in with Shannon after finding out. He really hopes the child won't tear them apart.

Turns out the child didn't tear them apart. His relationship with Audree did. Shannon isn't speaking to him and Bill doesn't blame her. He hopes that they can reconcile though. Eventually the two became estranged and no longer spoke to each other.

Friends Edit

Fanon:Andrew Mason He's a nice guy. Great to spend time playing chess or chatting in the hot tub with. But Bill feels strange with him, like Andrew's suspicious of him or something. And when Audree comes in, he feels strange vibes between them. Whatever it is, Bill hopes that it's just nothing. He just wants a good friend to hang out with.

Bill has been avoiding everyone lately. He doesn't talk to Andrew anymore or anyone else. No one knows why.

Appearances Edit

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