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Ran Away
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Birthday bash
Name: Birthday bash
Series: A Pleasant Story
Written by: AsherEire
Release date: 3 April 2012

Previous chapter: The Missing Wife
Next chapter: Rivalry

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Angela put a cross through the box of 5th Feb on her calendar. She smiled when she saw what she had written the next day in her neat. flowing handwriting.

My Birthday!!!!

The followed in her tiniest handwriting, she had written: ...and Lilith's Birthday too....

She didn't hate Lilith. She only did that for a wind-up. She just didn't like being a twin.She paused. What Dirk had told her about Bella still disturbed her. Aliens, in Strangetown, ten miles away. Creepy... What annoyed her is it should be kept in complete secrecy- surely the Goths should be allowed to know? They weren't, which is when she saw Dirk, she struggled to keep her temper. Four times that's happened, much to Richie's disbelief. Richie had shot her numerous dirty looks, and they had succeeded in preventing her snapping at Dirk. After Dirty Look #4, Angela had a massive go at Richie, shouting so much Lilith had to step in, then apologizing for the rest of the afternoon. Richie turned cold towards Angie for about an hour, then gave in. Nobody can stay mad at Angela for very long- except one girl who hasn't liked her since she met Angela earlier in the day...

Amy Ellis felt nervous. It was her first day at college. As she stepped into her first class, her jaw dropped. There he was- Richard John Hutchworth. What were the chances of Amy moving to the same, country, city and school as Richie? It was unbelievable! When Richie turned his head, his entire face lit up. When Richie got up and the two started chatting away, in English, Angela looked curiously. How did Richie know Amy? She was dying to ask.

Lilith slowly came back to reality- she was now eighteen! As she left her room, Angela crashed into her. The twins got up, apologized and said "happy birthday" to each other. Angela darted downstairs. Lilith looked puzzled. Why was Angela in such a rush? It was Saturday, after all.

A major panic filled Angela's head- she completely forgot about her older brother- Marcus! He moved to America a few years ago and she hadn't heard from him since! She needed her brother to be here! He was 24 and looked too much like Daniel, just minus the beard. She burst into the front room, only to trip over a pair of shoes. "Whoa! Angie! Be careful!" said a masculine voice. Angela gazed up at a young man with red hair and a faint moustache growing. "Marcus? What are you doing here?"

"Did you check the date today?"

"Well, yeah, but-"

Lilith stepped into the room. "Oh my goodness! Marcus!" she ran up to him and gave him a huge hug. "I missed you so much!" Angela got up and joined Lilith. The twins really missed their brother.

Richie stepped up to the front door of the Pleasant house. His girlfriend was an adult now. He knocked, only to find the door answered by a man he had never seen before. "Hey!" the man said. "I'm Marcus. Marcus Pleasant. Angela and Lilith's brother."

Richie was slow to react. "Richie. Richie Hutchworth. Angela's boyfriend..."

"Whoa, hold up! Boyfriend? Angela never told me!"

"She never told me she had a brother" Richie retorted. It came out harsher than he meant it to. Angela squeezed past Marcus. "Richie!" The normal greeting followed. They all went inside.

Later on during the day, Richie approached Marcus. "Look, Marcus, I'm really sorry for earlier. I just get annoyed when people take the mickey."

"It's cool." he replied. "In case you're wondering, I've been living in the States since I was eighteen. That's why most people don't know me."

"I moved from England two years ago. That's why my Simlish is bad."

Marcus raised an eyebrow "Really? I didn't realise! Well, I'm sure you've spoken to the Goths?" Richie had many, many times. Richie turned around and saw the Goths and Lotharios entering the house. Richie noticed Donnie had brought a friend. Amy. Richie saw the look on Angela's face and knew things were going to go badly. "Sorry Marcus- I've got to go!"