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"The angel and the goth"
Name: "The angel and the goth"
Series: "The Goth Story"
Written by: Funkey_Kong
Release date: 27.5.2014

Previous chapter: "The angel and the Goth"
Next chapter: Coming soon...

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Chapter Three: Birthdays and BellaEdit

The snow was falling on the beautiful landscape of Sunset Valley. Mortimer Goth is having his third birthday today! And to his party, it will come a very special girl, Bella Bachelor. Cornelia was preparing with help from there new maid Bonehilda. On the table there was a lot of food, filled pork, salads and cookies. The first guest to arrive was Malcom Landgraab, he was as usual having lots of presents with him. His dad was there to. "Happy Birthday!" Said Geoffrey that also was caring a lots of presents in his arms. "Thank you Mr. Landgraab" said Mortimer that was a very polite child. "Hi Mort! Do you know what's in that present! Cause I know!" He says and pointing on a red present. "Don't say what it is now Malcom!" Says Geoffrey and laughs. "It's a plane" Malcom whispers. The next guest is Bella. Mortimer shows her in to the house. She was bringing one present. "Here! I hope you like it!" She says and smile and gives the present to Mort. When all the guests where in the Gothmansion, Geoffrey started to open the presents. He got a teddy, a play set train and a surf pad from Malcom. The last present was from Bella. It was red just like her dress. It had golden stripes around it just like Bella's personality. He opened it and inside there was a beautiful box. A little tiny box with a keyhole and a key. "Oh guru!" Cornelia said. "It's so beautiful!" Mort looks at a smiling Bella. "What do you say Mortimer?" Says his mother and looks at him. "Thank you Bella! Thanks everyone for the gifts!"

"It's cake-time!!" Cornelia shouted and all the children runs to the kitchen. The cake gets fired and Mort was ready to blow the fire out. When he saw something. Bella wasn't there! Malcom Landgraab was there, Kaylynn Langerak was there, everyone was there, but Bella. Bella was missing. He blew out the candles and turned in to a teen and then runned away in to the rest of the nous to look for her. But he couldn't find her. But he did find the little box that he was given. With the key half turned. He turned the key and found out that inside the box there was a paper. A little paper that was from Bella. "Come to the back door!" It stood. Mort did as he was told and walked to the back door. He opens it and looked out. Out in the grass she was sitting. A beautiful teenage girl with a red dress and a white glistening smile. "Bella?" Mort said. Bella looked and Mort. "Come here! Sit with me!" She said and pointed besides her. Mortimer sat down besides Bella and they looked out over the beautiful mountains of Sunset Valley. Mort felt something. Something to his hand. It was a great feeling. The feeling came from Bella's hand that she have left to rest in Morts hand. Mortimer looked at Bella. There faces came closer and Mort looked in to the big brown eyes. Her red lips came closer to his mouth and...

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"Chapter three: Birthdays and Bella" is written by: FunkeyKong/TheSimsSaturday[1]