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Blackberry + Bubblegum
Genre: Prequal
Created by: Lamymary
Number of chapters: 0

Original run: 10/10/16 - 10/10/16
Status: Completed

Succeeded by: Blackberry + Bubblegum: New generation, New Action!

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Description Edit

Hello and welcome to my fanon page! No, this fanon isn't about food, if your wondering. Two females who were dolls came to life after a witch cased a spell on them. The witch granted them with a house and some money in Twinbrook to start a life.


Aya:I think this is the place.

Lala:It is?

Aya:I think so. The witch told us where, and this is exactly.

Lala:I'm tired from all that walking.

Aya:Me too, but let's talk about what we're going to do.

Lala:Ok, then.

Aya:[The girls walk in the house and sit at the table. They talked for a while.]

Lala:The 'getting a career' seems interesting. I will go find one.

2 days later Edit

[In the afternoon Lala left work and went home. She placed two music boxes on the table and a bottle of nectar in the middle for refreshment. She planned to spend her rest of the day with Aya. However, when Aya got home she went pass the table, into the bedroom. Aya looked like she is in a hurry. Aya pulled out her cherry red smartphone and texted someone.]

Lala:What are you doing?

Aya:...I'm...texting...[Aya struggled to get the words out of her mouth] a human.


Aya:It's a male, he looks like he was born by another person, and I have this sudden uncomfortable feeling when around him. It's like I'm super shy and anxious.

Lala:According to the paper, you're in love.

Aya:It must be an intense emotion to have.

Lala:It says it's a good thing because that means you found your lover.

Aya:So, I'm more into making friends. It turns out, I can't really figure out how love goes.

Lala:Maybe you'll learn as you progress.

Aya:I think so, and I think I'm obsessed.

Nearly a week later Edit

Aya:[Aya is riding a taxi to DeAndre Wolfe's house.Once Aya arrives, she rings the doorbell. DeAndre Wolfe answers the door and invites Aya inside. They are already bf and gf.] So,I was nervous all day to tell you this...


Aya:...[Aya is sweating in anxiety and wants to get away, but she manages to pull out a small black box.]Would you like to marry me?

DeAndre:[Instead of saying no,he happily takes the ring and kisses Aya. Aya is very excited right at that moment, especially since she knew a wedding is coming. But before she knew it, Aya got married to DeAndre and she and Lala moved in his mansion.]

Tomorrow afternoon Edit

Lala:Guess what?

Aya:Chicken butt?

Lala:No! I adopted a girl! I named her Cindi.

Aya:Well, guess what for me?

Lala:'Chicken butt'[giggles]

Aya:...I'm pregnant!

Lala:You are?

Aya:Yes! when my baby is born, she/he can play with your child.

Lala:I'll make sure...

Aya:Great. Because It will be like they are siblings, like us!

Lala:And she will be easier to take care of, because I just got self-employed to a nectar maker. That means I quit my teacher job.

Aya:Nectar is so sweet! Now, we have a nectar maker in our household. That's even sweeter.

Lala:Well, the taste depends on how the creator makes it.

Aya:I got some nectar making equipment from Champs Les Sims(France). You can use the machine.Actually, all two of them to make the service twice as fast.



                           --Pilot end--

Disclaimer:I'm not typing the whole series like this. I did it like a transcript because it's the Pilot.