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Blacks' legacy (a.k.a. Blacks' family/bloodline, or simply just Blacks) is one of the best known legacies in whole Wizarding world. They're known of their pure magical blood, but mostly because of Blacks' miracle, which happens to be one of the most charming legends of all time. They're also known of their traditional looks, which include black hair, green eyes, males having muscular bodies and females having curvy ones (in good meaning).


Jonathan Blaque - whole body

Jonathan Blaque

First dated member of the legacy was Jonathan Blaque, but true origins of the bloodline are from ancient SimFrance, in which two of wise wizards got married and sacrificed their powers further for other generations. What they did was practically cursing their near bloodline with power transfer spell, which was transferring magical powers of their descendants on their children etc., so they would have more magic power than any other being. In order to keep magical powers growing, they never told their children they were supposed to be wizards. They never actually told them that a thing stuck as magic does not exist and never existed. Later, descendants eventually found out magic exists, but they didn't find out they could be wizards. Names of those two wise wizards are not officially known yet, but many stories say the names were Jean and Amalie Blaequi. Since names are not officially known, first dated member title remains in Jonathan's ownership.

Besides being first dated member of the legacy, Jonathan is also the main antagonist of the Blacks' legend. Jonathan was born during the Winter Disaster[1] on December 15, 1216 in Fleuve, which was supposed to be located somewhere near today's Riverview. He belonged to 25th Blacks' Curse generation (he's born 750 years after Curse has been casted). Many heroic stories include hero's mother dying after giving birth, but this isn't classic stuff, dude. Jonathan's mother actually lived longer than her son. Jonathan's father was a well known merchant in town centre, who was probably selling ancient SimFrance ceramic. Jonathan had only younger siblings, two brothers, Matthew and Samuel, and one sister, MaryAnn.

History of BlacksEdit

Power Transfer Curse

Power transfer was functioning for almost 8 centuries, which made it the longest spell efficiency in that time, though it wasn't known that this spell was ever casted. Since it was a curse made out of love, it was never supposed to have side effects, but it's still a curse and side effects were found. Biggest side effect was inability of using any kind of magic, which was partly intended to happen, but unintended to be that strong. Even mortals could do more magic than Blaques then. Other known side effect was magic hatred. While conscious mind didn't know anything about the curse, subconscious mind did. Magic power always transferred on the first born child and along with magic powers, natural hatred of inability of using magic they could have was developed and transferred on children too. It only grew stronger with every generation that Jonathan's grandfather would rather die than become any magical creature. Imagine how strong the hatred was developed in Jonathan's subconscious mind.

You might ask if there are any positive side effects with this curse. My answer is yes. Since the curse was made out of love, it still was a curse which had bad side effects. But making curse out of love has its own benefits. For instance, curse was supposed to make descendants unable to use magic until they had a child on which the magic power was transferred. That means there still was magic power in them, but they really couldn't use it. It gave them other neat traits, though. Blaques where naturally charismatic and "charming". Now this is why they were such a good merchants and friends with everybody. Actually, the curse used it evilness to get even more magic powers for descendants. This is why they attracted wizards and witches and would more likely fall in love with them.

Since Jonathan was first born and all of hits ancestors were also first born, he carried all of his ancestors’ powers, plus his own powers. If he could use those powers, we would be the must powerful wizard of all time. But he never could. Neither his children could. Why is Jonathan the main point of this legacy? If you thought about the fact that by power transfer his children would be even more powerful than he was and about the fact that only he would be the most powerful wizard up to date, you may had came up with an idea of something happening to him. Something that would change entire legacy. And but now you should have thought this: Was the curse broken? My answer is yes, but partly... somehow... it still kinda existed, but was not like working anymore. 

Pausing the CurseEdit

The New Curse

Stephen casts The New Curse on Jonathan

Curse has been paused on Saturday, May 28, 1239. A warlock named Stephen Holmen revenged his family. Why? Holmens lived in Fleuve longer than Blaques. They were known because of their strong merchandise. But when charismatic, rich and "charming" Blaques came into the town, guess who stood in their shadow. Holmens, of course. After three generations, Stephen was only one to make the move. He sacrificed Jonathan's siblings and put a new curse on Blaques. A new curse made out of death, fear, dark magic and pure evil. "... let there be no magic in your blood, let there be no sun in your skies, let there be no hope in your sights..." These were some of the worst words which Blaques ever encountered. But there were even worse ones. The worst ones said: "Any magic that comes in your life or life of your children shall die in pain and awareness of such a crime they did against themselves." Meaning of those words was that if any magical or mythical creature would fall in love with one of Blaques and eventually end up kissing them, they would get curse on themselves which would end up killing them.

When Stephen cursed Jonathan, he wasn't aware of the fact that Jonathan is blocked wizard with more power he could ever imagine. If he knew his curse helped Blacks in future, he would just kill them all. Stephen's curse stopped correct power transferring, so Jonathan's children had less powers than Jonathan. Powers were slowly disappearing with every new generation, because Power Transfer curse stopped working correctly. Instead of transferring all the powers onto a child, curse would leave out a bit of power for parent. Rest of the powers were transferred genetically, along with both curses.This way Blacks lost all of that giant amount of magic powers. 

Important events in Blacks' historyEdit

Rebecca on throne

Rebecca Blaque on her throne

14th century - first victim of the curse, a fairy named Evelyn Harper[2] has died after kissing Thomas Blaque; his son David Blaque is first to move out of Fleuve, creates a Russian branch of Blaques

15th century - Rebecca Blaque becomes the Queen of Lavender[3] (kingdom in which Fleuve was located); Blaques are rising again

16th century - legacy starts using Black as a surname instead of traditional Blaque; Lance Black gets a vision of a boy born in winter time who is going to save the family

17th century - Anthony Black claims he's able to break curse by deep mediation, ends up breaking through curse into astral plane and never returning because of his soul being unable to break through curse again, his body continues to live 13 years in coma without a soul

18th century - Jacob Black was first to create spectral cat by turning normal cat with use of potions

19th century - Cecille Black was first in Blacks' bloodline that didn't have Blacks' looks

20th century - Nicole Nelly Black found original Blaques chronicle created by Harry Blaque, Jonathan's grandson (from which we know most stuff about Blacks' history)

December 15th, 1966 - Emmett Black is born

Breaking the New CurseEdit

Emmett Black has been born 750 years after Jonathan, just as Jonathan was after Curse. Emmett belongs to 50th Blacks' Curse generation and to the Adam's family branch. He was also born in really cold winter, although not as cold as Winter Disaster. Whole family had their hopes in Emmett. They thought he was the boy born in winter time who is going to save the family. Nicole Nelly turned 67 that year, but she didn't care about her age. All she wanted was to find out if Emmett is their savior. She read the family chronicle five times, searched all of family's houses and even traveled to Riverview (past Fleuve) to find something that could help. All she found out was they have to wait till May 28, 1989, because of the numerology of past events.

Emmett's parents, Andrew and Laina, raised him up in faith of ending everything bad. Fortunately, Emmett was the boy born in winter time who is going to save the family. On May 28, 1989, everyone from Blacks' bloodline was praying for Emmett to stop their long time suffering. It was raining whole day, with a bit of a thunder. The atmosphere was horrific, but hopeful. Nicole told Emmett to stay indoors and safe, but he didn't listened to her and headed out of the house. He was there standing in rain for good five hours. Slowly but surely, Blacks were losing their hopes. Rain stopped, but a fog appeared. Emmett looked deep into that thick fog, and he saw someone coming upon him. They had big heavy coat and they held something that looked like... knife?! When Nicole saw that, she ran out of the house screaming: "HE HAS A KNIFE! RUN!". The mysterious person turned out to be a man and the knife turned out to be a wand. A wand that killed Nicole. Emmett was too shocked to know what's happening. Person stepped nearer him. He got a feeling he already saw this man, but really couldn't figure out when or where. 

Man started talking: "Oh hello there... was that your grandaunt? I'm really sorry about that, but you know, it's not appropriate to do what she's done."

Emmett: "Who are you? What do you want from me?"

Man: "You don't... you don't know who I am? You really don't?"

Emmett went silent, while the man started laughing insanely. He was laughing until he saw Blacks in the nearby house. Smiling was gone.

Man: "I'm the one you suffered of! I'm the one you were raised to fear of! I'm Stephen Holmen!"

Whole family was shocked. They knew it was him because of the feeling they got from their curse. Curse knows who created it. 

Emmett: "No, that cannot be truth! You died 700 years ago!"

Man: "No, THAT cannot be truth! Blaques were victims of my first generational curse, so it has it's little bugs and stuff. But I got better. Good enough to create a simcrux[4] which would work on generational curse basis. I cursed my family just so I didn't had to die. And now, I'm here to update something I have done to your bloodline. Something I had done to Jonathan... you guys know you can't fall in love with supernaturals, right? I wanted to change that for a long time now, you know, maybe 650 years. From now on, you fall in love with supernatural, you die and not the supernatural. There were too many of you, Blacks, so that's why there's no one alive from Peter's branch. I had to take care of them. And I have to take care of you, too. Say goodbye, Blacks!"

Man took his wand and started speaking the curse's words, and then he casted it... it hit Emmett, but all of the sudden, it backfired on him, not only killing his descendant he had lived on, but also destroying his simcrux in him. And when Stephen died, Blacks fell on the ground in pain. They felt like something was dying in them. It was the old curse and new curse being completely broken forever. When the pain has gone, fog disappeared, the sun came up and the new beginning started in Blacks' lives. Also, when both of the curses were broken, Blacks turned out to be fullblooded wizards, even if there where humans in their family. 

Original branchesEdit

Jonathan had three sons, Adam, Peter and Tim, each of them owning one of the Original branches. Almost every successful Black (Blaque) was from Adam's branch. Peter's branch was murdered by Stephen completely, because it had the largest amount of family members. Tim's branch was the mysterious one. It had the biggest amount of women, so name disappeared in that branch. Also, a lot of blackhaired greeneyed Sims belong to Tim's branch, even if not wizards. 

Blacks' looksEdit

All of the Blacks (except for Cecille Black) have had Blacks' looks. It means they had green eyes, black hair, slightly tanned skin and strong jaw line. Men had muscular bodies and women had curvy ones (big breasts, hips, butt). Men weren't really hairy (bit of arm and leg hair), but they were attractive and so were women.

References Edit

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  2. She's been reincarnated in 20th century and played a character in popular American sitcom
  3. Kingdom created after fall of Arendell
  4. An object which carries a part of Sim's soul, so they're not able to die if simcrux hasn't been destroyed