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Ran Away
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Name: Bloodlust
Genre: Horror
Created by: Andronikos Leventis
Number of chapters: 21

Original run: 10 December 2011 -
Status: Abandoned

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Constantinople, May 28th 1453

The night was so cold. The full moon of December was nearly pointing towards her, trying to tell her not to leave the city. She reluctantly walked towards the carriage. Her uncle was waiting for her there. He gave her a small golden cross with rubies all over it. "Go, and be strong" he told her and helped her climb into the carriage. He noticed she was crying. He gave her a hug, knowing that could be the last time they met. As the carriage left, he went back to the city.

Part I: ApocalypseEdit

Chapter I: Fatally FamousEdit

Jupiter Belle was disgusted. It was 5 PM. He should have returned home long ago, yet he was grounded, reading boring history books. "Why, oh why, do I have to read a damn boring story about an annoying girl who lived when the Consta-something had fallen?" he thought. In the meanwhile, his mother was performing in the local stadium. Jupiter felt betrayed. "Lola must now think I'm back home doing my homework or whatever. Who cares?" he thought as he gave his bicycle a ride towards the stadium.

Lola was in the backstage and she was putted on makeup. Her manager was on the door. "Let him pass!" she shouted and one of her assistants rushed to open the door. "Lola, you are a star! And a star like you should get ready a bit faster! There are fans waiting for you out there! Don't disappoint them!" he told her as he looked at her, being stunned by her amazing appearance. "Oh, don't you worry. I know I'm a star! How can I possibly disappoint my fans?" she said as she looked into the mirror. "Where is that useless hairdresser! My hair are not properly brushed! Get here fast or get fired!" she shouted.

The hairdresser got into the room. "Oh, I'm sorry! I see I missed something! I'm so sorry Mrs. Belle!" she said as he approached her. "You will be sorry for your job soon if you don't get here right away, and you will be sorry for calling me Mrs. Belle even sooner!" she shouted. Strangely, time ceased to exist and the hairdresser didn't look normal. Everyone in the room was frozen in time. Lola stood up and screamed. She then felt a bite on her wrist, and several bats flew around her in a red circle. She passed out.

Chapter II: ForgottenEdit

Lola woke up in the hospital. She had a bitter taste in her mouth, making her feel uncomfortable and sick. She observed her surroundings. There was a lot of medical equipment everywhere, and she was obviously supplied blood from a mechanism above her. A doctor entered the room. "Good evening, madam. You have been asleep for 3 days and you need to rest" he told her. "May I ask if anyone is here to see me?" she gently said as she grabbed another pillow. "I'm afraid not, madam. Anyway, we wouldn't allow them. You have lost a lot of blood and you appear to be infected with a strange disease. If things get better, we will inform you" the doctor said as he left the room. Lola was obviously infuriated. She tried to say something, but the doctor interrupted her. "Have a good evening!" he told her.

Jessica Talon returned to her house. She was in great pain. There was blood all over her clothes and her she was obviously exhausted. She was holding a vial of blood in her hands. When she went into her penthouse, she noticed that Rafael and her mother were talking. She sneaked into the house, leaving blood prints all over the place. Then she heard a voice coming straight from her mother's mouth. "Mind if I go into the kitchen, Rafael? I need to check something" were the words that made Jessica really annoyed. "Yes, sure" Rafael replied. Jessica then used her Dark Gift, to get an unlimited supply of magic power. Then she casted a spell to slow time. Erika, however, was not affected, even if the time seemed frozen. "Oh, Jessica!", she nearly shouted, "It has been a long time!". Jessica nodded and replied with a frozen "What do you want, mum?". Erika realized it was best to shut up. Even if she was highly compelled to so do when she saw her clothes.

Kai Leiko was outdoors, practicing martial arts. In the meantime, Jupiter had arrived. "Where have you been?" Kai noticed. "Come in before your mother starts moaning" he said and gently got him inside the house. There was awkward silence. Jupiter finally said something, which was not however the best choice. "Why won't you leave mum alone?" was unfortunately the first thing he said. Kai got highly infuriated. "Get locked in your room and don't dare you get out, you brat!" he shouted and grabbed him. "You're not my father!" Jupiter replied loudly and bit him. Kai was ready to slap him, but Jupiter was fast enough to lock himself in his room. But deep down, Kai knew Jupiter was right.

Moxie was just returning home from work and heard the noise. "Did anything break?" she asked as she got into the house. Kai answered "Yes. It appears your brain is really broken at the moment. Maybe you should do some exercise" with a cold, bitter tone that was like asking her to leave. Moxie didn't take this lying down. "You know, Mr. Leiko, I don't care about you or your stupid sense of humor. Nor about your fights with that brat, Jupiter. All I care about is your girlfriend. I'm responsible for her shape and her house. Should anything bad happen, she will blame me. So shut up and don't speak to me again unless you really have to" she replied with an irritated tone and left her suitcase in one of the couches in the living room. Kai replied with a strange grimace and left the room.

Chapter III: The Unraveling begins...Edit

Jessica sat down along with Rafael and her mother for an unpleasant talk, right after she changed clothes. She approached the piano in the bedroom before she left. She hated its sound, and she also had forbidden Rafael to play it. She had realized that its sound could be murderous to her health, and she better had not to use it. It was pure decoration. She went downstairs to the living room. Rafael was sitting there, talking with Erika. "So, where have you been today?" Erika asked. Jessica was tired of her and her questions. "I had some unfinished business, some chores to do. I'm going to my arch" she said and left immediately.

Lola was feeling warmth all over her body. She did not feel she was sick at all. It appeared as if she was more than fine. She noticed a bite on her neck. "I'd like to get out of here" she told the nurse that passed by a while afterwards. "I'm afraid I'm not responsible for that, madam. And it appears that you had very heavy injuries and blood loss from your diagnosis. In my opinion, you should remain where you are" the nurse replied and headed back to her work. Lola was very annoyed. She wanted to get out, now. As soon as she thought of that, the doctor entered the room. "A man wants to see you, madam. His name is Wogan Hemlock. Shall I let him pass?" he asked impatiently. Lola had no idea who this man was. In an instant, the doctor was replaced by a pale-skinned man. "Pleased to meet you, madam," the man said, coughed for a while and then continued, "the name's Wogan Hemlock".

Elvira Slayer was clubbing in the Plasma 501. She sat quietly at the bar and enjoyed a drink mixed with Plasma fruit. A man covered in a black cloak approached her. "This is Elvira Slayer, I presume?" he said. "Yes. And you must be Mr. D., I suppose?" Elvira replied, with a tone of confusion in her voice. She didn't expect the man she was meeting to be so old fashioned. "I don't match with your expectations, do I?" the man replied. Elvira was shocked. The guy had read her thoughts! "Of course not! Would you like me to buy you a drink?" she offered, trying to make up. "Business first..." the man said, opening his suitcase and taking out an envelope. Its contents of grave importance...

Chapter IV: The first nightEdit

Lola was terrified. She reluctantly then asked: "What are you and what do you want?" while her heart was beating loudly. "Perhaps you should ask why I am here... this is the night when you will begin to change. It has been 3 days since your hospitalization, hasn't it? You will have the eternal beauty of life you always desired soon enough" he said smiling ironically, showing his fangs. Lola screamed and a nurse rushed to the room. Then she felt a strange blur around her and a chilling breeze went through her body. The nurse stop walking. She was still in motion however. And she was petrified. Wogan started laughing and then he was transformed in a cloud of bats, disappearing through the open window. Time returned to its proper state. The nurse entered the room. "Madam?! What happened?" she asked in a worried tone. "Noth...nothing" Lola said while her blood pressure was high.

Later that night, exactly ar midnight, Lola woke up and she felt a heat inside her body. It was as if a part of her was dead. As if she could no longer bear the gift of the life. And then it happened. In a cloud of darkness and depravity, with thousands of nightmares and fears flying around her, she was transformed and corrupted. And then she felt that thirst. The one of blood. She quickly reached the blood above her and she started drinking and quenching her hunger. Then she went towards the window. She opened, and she flew as Wogan did, in a storm of bats. She was rushing to meet him and ask him about her new nature. "But first", she thought, "it is about time to pay a visit to my house and my... relatives" and she left in the darkness towards the hills were the celebrities lived.

Jessica knew it when a new vampire was born. She was, after all, the most powerful vampire in the city, able to get any other vampire's powers easily enough. She just had to think of it, and it would be possible. And so she knew her opponents powers well, using them for her benefit, as well as their weakness, having suffered them herself. And one of Beau Merrick's powers was to read human and vampire thought. She decided to borrow it for a while, hence she knew about Lola. She flied in a storm of bats to Lola's house, hoping to meet her there. But she was stopped by another voice. "Hello, Jessica" was the only thing required for her to turn to the noise. "You seem to remember me, don't you? Well, I want to play a game" a dark figure said.