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Love is all around in Bloomsbrough! All the inhabitants of this lovely little neighborhood all have their own special love story, based on the love stories of the 2003 British movie 'Love Actually'.
Name Bloomsbrough
Game(s) TS3 Icon The Sims 3
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Bloomsbrough is a neighborhood created by Qtiepie. It is a very peaceful, ordinary town. All the inhabitants as well as the name of the buildings of Bloomsbrough have one thing in common: they all have to deal with love. All the residential lots are named after Roman gods.

All of the inhabitants are based on the characters of the British romantic comedy: 'Love Actually'.

Lots Edit

Community LotsEdit

  • Bloomsbrough Shores (beach)
  • Bloomsbrough Central Park (big park or festival grounds)
  • Cupido Park (small park)
  • Dancing Queen (dance club)
  • Good Shape for Great Love (gym)
  • Heart's Lounge (exclusive lounge)
  • Make Out Point (small park)
  • Mistletoe Acres (big park)
  • Old Lover's Rest (graveyard)
  • The Books Of Love (library)
  • The True Love Art Gallery (art gallery)
Rabbit Holes

Families Edit

Aurelia Almeida
Aurelia has fled from her motherland to find love in Bloomsbrough. She works as a waitress in the local bistro.
Jamie Carlton, Meredith Carlton,Gary Carlton
Things are very awkward in the Carlton family. As Jamie and Meredith were married first, Jamie's brother Gary is now flirting with his wife. Jamie is very upset about what his brother has done to him, but recently, he has fallen in love with Aurelia.
Mark Ennis
Mark was friends with Peter Hemingway for years. But when he asked him to be his best-man on his wedding with the beautiful Juliet, he immediately fell in love with the bride. Will their friendship survive?
Peter Hemingway, Juliet Hemingway, nborn baby Hemingway
Peter and Juliet are just married and are the happiest couple of Bloomsbrough for the moment. But what Peter doesn't know is that his best friend Mark is in love with his wife. How can they handle this situation, will their love survive, especially as they are expecting their first baby?
David Middleton, Nathalie McDonald
As the mayor of Bloomsbrough, David has a lot of pressure on his shoulders.

Carlos Riviera
Carlos is a good looking, ambitious young man. He knows Sarah Thompson has a crush on him, but it's difficult for her to get into a relationship.
Mia Sherman
Mia is a hard-working lady who has a crush on her boss, Harry Williams. Will she be able to be loved back by her boss and destroy his marriage?
Sarah Thompson, Michael Thompson
Sarah is an ambitious, hard-working woman who has a crush on her Spanish college, Carlos. Although, it is difficult for her to get into a relationship with him, as her mentally ill brother needs special help all the time.
Harry Williams, Karen Williams, Bernard Williams, Daisy Williams
The William's have got many issues: Karen is busy raising the kids and being in the shadow of her famous brother, Harry being busy at work. Will the marriage of Karen and Harry survive their fast and stressful lives?