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Bluewater Village
Name: Bluewater Village
Genre: Drama
Created by: Swedigimon

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Bluewater Village is a series created by Swedigimon. The story takes place mostly in the town Bluewater Village, with some chapters taking place in Pleasantview City. The story centers around many different families in various social classes.


Season OneEdit

Episode One: Moving In & SecretsEdit

Herbert and Faith Goodie moves to the shopping district Bluewater Village to settle down, as they have been travelling around the world the latest thirty years. When they finally bought a nice apartment, they decides to adopt a child.
On the other side of the town, a woman in her early thirties, Marie Rauscher, is busy planning her twin children, Anna and Martin, tenth birthday party while also taking care of her best friend Helena Helenborg's baby daughter, Pia-Mia, and teenage son, Kent, while Helena and her boyfriend, Sinjin Couderc, are in Pleasantview City buying birthday gifts.

Episode Two: Trouble & In LoveEdit

Lisa Wallenberg has to move with her mother, Madonna, from Pleasantview City because Madonna lost all their money while playing poker. They move into a lower class apartment building which is located on the hills close to Bluewater Village. Lisa struggles to make friends with the other teenagers in the building, until she meets Daniel Holt, a teenage boy whose father, Michael, used to be a known criminal.
Daniel's mother, Ann, invites Lisa and Madonna to their apartment, which is twice as big as the Wallenberg apartment. After having dinner, Madonna leaves for work. However, she falls in the stairs and a guy named Alex Nordh helps her up. After Madonna realizes that Alex looks good, she asks for his number which he happily gives her.

Episode Three: Depression & MemoriesEdit

A flashback is shown on Thomas and Ingrid Nordh's divorce, and Ingrid moving to Bluewater Village with her children, Natalie, Victor and Alex.
In present time, Natalie goes over to her friend Henrik Henderson, who lives in the apartment next door in a middle class apartment building. As Natalie needs to talk to Henrik, alone, they goes to Henrik's room. Natalie tells Henrik that she does not think she can handle the fact that her parents divorced, so Henrik hugs her and tells her that she is strong.

Episode Four: Skipping & BondingEdit

Best friends Elvira [last name], Elvira "Sherman" [last name] and Roman Gerder skips school, much to Roman's parents annoyance. Because of that, Roman is grounded for several weeks.


Goodie familyEdit

Herbert GoodieEdit

Herbert Goodie is a 83 years old man. He lives together with his wife and daughter Beatrice.

Holt familyEdit

Michael HoltEdit

Michael Holt is a 36 years old man. He lives together with his wife Ann and three children, Daniel, Nathalie and [third daughter].

Unlike his wife, Michael is a pretty minor character. Although he does appear in episode one, he doesn't have a large role and does not appear during the dinner, thus he isn't introduced to Lisa and Madonna Wallenberg. During development, he was supposed to have a larger role.

Ann HoltEdit

Daniel HoltEdit

Daniel Holt is a 14 years old boy. He lives together with his parents, Michael and Ann, and his two younger sisters, Nathalie and [second sister].


The series brings up many themes including family issues, racism, sexism, mental illness, loneliness and suicidal behavior.

Family IssuesEdit

The most common theme is family issues, with only a few familys who do not have family issues in one way or another.