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Bonnyview Shores is a small, quiet world that I created. It is slowly expanding.

Current families:

-The Stensons(Kind of like the Circe & Loki Beaker of Bonnyview, but not evil. They live in the Science facility)
-The Cross'(Live together in a medium-sized house at the end of Seaside Street)
-The Landsons(Two seperate households. One on Dead-end lane, another on Seaside Street)
-The Orphanage(2 Kids, 5 Teens And an adult. The point of this household is to "Adopt" one of the kids and replace them with a new one.)
-Earlton(Single sim living in Seaside Street)
-Bledsoe(Family I made when I was bored.)
-Zuu(The Mayor, his wife and his daughters.)