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Boukephalos Syrakosios
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Kallisto was horrified to know the requirements to acquire a Unicorn. Nevertheless, Kallisto decided to use that as an opportunity, using unnatural means to acquire and tame a wild horse, and named it Boukephalos just like Kallisto named anything that she rode simply because it honored Megas Alexandros. Of course, Kallisto had an interest in making it useful in financial and political realms, and thus had it trained.
Name Boukephalos Syrakosios
Gender TS2 Male Male
Age Adult
Species Pferd Horse
Union of the Insane Hekatonschoinos Chapter
Owner(s) Kallisto Syrakosia
Pet Trait Quiet small Calm
Pet Trait Agile small Agile
Pet Trait Fast small Fast
Pet Trait Brave small Brave
Other Information
Game The Sims 3 Pets
Playability Playable
Neighborhood Fanon:Hekatonschoinos
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Boukephalos Syrakosios is the adopted horse, adopted and tamed by unnatural means by Kallisto (further solidifying the urban legend of Kallisto being a psyker). Boukephalos is named after the horse of the same name ridden by Megas Alexandros, Boukephalos is drilled strictly, both by his owners and also by his will to get some fame.

Boukephalos made a name for himself, winning a local and advanced jumping competition with his rider and adopter, Kallisto Syrakosia. He has come third in the international jumping competition, despite the fact that both Boukephalos and Kallisto has mastered the respective skills needed to optimize their performance. Compared to the later adopted Diodotos, Boukephalos did not cause damage to the crops, mainly because his time was mostly spent on the training ground. Diodotos also caused only one damage, and was quickly chastized by Kallistrata: most damages were caused by the deer, which was swiftly dealt with.

Boukephalos has mastered both horse skills, and has won one Advanced Cross-Country race and 3 Advanced Jumping contests with his adopter Kallisto.

Boukephalos, like some of the important Sims of the Church, was cloned alongside his natural Unicorn companion Diodotos, and clones of both accompanied the Hekatonschoinos Chapter in their visit to Sunset Valley, only to be released immediately.


  • When he was adopted, he had nearly 13,000 meters galloped already, and had 2 points in racing to begin with.
  • Boukephalos has a heterochromatic eye: a yellow one on his right, and a cyan one on his left.
  • Contrary to his hame, Boukephalos was not born in Syracuse and his surname was taken because Kallisto adopted him.