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Broken is the story of a 14-year-old orphan girl who is forced to be raised by her aunt, her only living relative, and gets caught up in some strong drama that will change her life forever.

I'm sorry if this is repetitive or boring or something! You know I love you guys and I'm doing my best! =D Luvyalife1998 19:19, July 19, 2011 (UTC)



The long, shrill beep on the hospital monitor signaled to the young girl that it was all over.

Doctors in white lab coats rushed into the emergency ward in a huge panic, carrying medical equiptment and rolling a cart full of more tools. They tried everything in the book to get Sierra's dad to wake back up, but soon they realized that he was in for a long, deep sleep.

Sierra, only 8, sobbed into her aunt's chest for a long time that night. Being the kind soul she was, Julie Brent just hugged Sierra tighter, mourning for the loss of her brother with her niece. Since Sierra's mother was long dead, Julie knew that she would have to become Sierra's guardian. Not that she minded. Sierra was always cheerful, sweet, and amazingly polite for a girl her age. Julie had come to love that about her brother's daughter.

But now, looking into the face of her niece, Julie realized Sierra looked far from happy.

She looked absolutely broken.

Chapter 1:Edit

6 years can really change a person.

Sierra Brent was a good example of this. When she was younger, she was open and friendly, maybe a little naive but super sweet. Now she was 14, and unless you had known her your whole life, you wouldn't even know she was the same person.

Her big brown eyes, once always bright, were now dull and sad. The glimmer in them had gone out following her father's death. Her full lips, which were once always upturned in a playful smile, now rarely moved from her usual straight face. She never made jokes anymore, never laughed, never showed emotion. She was shy, quiet, a huge change from her former happy self. She was hollow, empty. She was a shell of her former self. It made her aunt cry.

Julie Brent, now nearly 50 and still single, looked after her teenage niece day after day, tried to get her to open up, to smile, but Sierra was impossible to crack. She tried everything, but everyday Sierra just grew sadder. She locked all her emotions deep inside of her, but Julie knew what was up.

She could heard her cry herself to sleep at night.