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Ran Away
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Broken and Fixed
Name: Broken and Fixed
Series: A Pleasant Story
Written by: AsherÉire
Release date: 6 August 2012

Previous chapter: Bonding
Next chapter: Reunion

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Ever since Mona left, Dustin gave up. He let his appearance go and often refused to talk to people. Richie and Dirk frequently went up to his place to make sure he was OK. Without Dustin or Mona, the gang was...incomplete. Dustin was often the joker, and not a day went without a smile on his face. Mona showed him that there was light in the dark times. They were the perfect pair. Dustin's light had gone, and he was in complete darkness. He didn't know what to do, but await Mona's return.

Leona rose from her slumber and it took her seven seconds to register that she had been asleep. Ripp's theory must have been correct, because Lee felt refreshed. She got dressed and headed down for breakfast. She found Ripp in the kitchen, trying to cook pancakes. Upon closer inspection, it looked like Ripp had cremated the food. "Ripp, are you telling me you can't cook?"

Ripp blushed. "Tank was always the cook. My dad always expected me to ignite the kitchen or something..."

"I think he may have been right! Sit down, and I'll make breakfast." Leona quickly whipped up another batch before successfully cooking and serving them. She set a plate down for each of them. "Isn't that better now you're not eating ashes, you've still got your eyebrows and we're still eating indoors rather than trying to tackle a kitchen fire?" Ripp couldn't believe how good a cook Leona was. Maybe Ripp would have been this good if his dad hadn't had serious trust issues with his culinary skills.

Eight months later...

Dustin was quietly making some lunch when he heard a gentle tap on the door. Before Dustin even had time to touch the door handle, Donnie and Amy burst in. "Dustin you're not going to believe this!" Donnie wheezed. "We ran all the way here from downtown..."

"If you head down to the CD place... I still can't believe it..." Amy struggled.

Dustin was getting impatient. "What is it you need to tell me?"

Donnie straightened up and said: "Mona is downtown, and she's signing her new single." Dustin's eyes widened. He ran upstairs, pulled on some shoes, grabbed his jacket and ran out of the house as fast as he could.