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Brotherly Love (Chapter 1)
Name: Brotherly Love (Chapter 1)
Genre: Drama
Created by: DevlyHallows
Rating: 12
Number of chapters: 2

Original run: April 2013
Status: Evolve

Succeeded by: Campus Commentary

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Brotherly Love or BL is a fan-fiction story created by DevlyHallows. It involves two conflicting brothers who never get along, Jarred, the youngest who is more interested in fine looks and hot ladies and then there is Dev, the quiet, Polyglot, Pervert like geek, who never woo's the ladies.

Intro Edit

Dev and Jarred, Two teen brothers who never get along. Dev is more responsible, shy and never likes cleaning up whilst Jarred a crazy, Video game addict who love SSX 2 and 3 and when he was younger he wanted to be a psychopath. Their parents go on an extended honeymoon in Twikkii Island so both of them are sent to Académie Le Tour in order to learn something for once.

Chapter 1: Edit

"Hey, That's mine!"

"No, That's MINE!"

A knock is heard on the dorm room door.

"Uhmm, So it seems that you two are the Adams brothers." The Deputy head said with a croaky voice.

Both of the brothers look at each other,

Dev Calls out "Do we Seriously look alike, were more like acquaintances or Step-brothers."

After a couple of hours the 'Step'-Brothers finally settle in:

"Ugh, This food is Vile." Jarred Shouts

"Be grateful it's not like mom's food though .. EWW, ARGHH!"

"I know .. It's gross."

*Short Bell Ring* "Now students, it is time for chemistry."

Jarred irritates his brother by saying "O-O La La, I didn't know they studied getting a girlfriend!"

"What a freak, who likes dating, No more sex education PLEASE!"

"BOY'S OVER THERE, WHAT DID I JUST SAY!" Ms Chapman Exclaims from the other end of the classroom.

"I'll Blame you if I get an F!" Dev Whispered to Jarred.

"Ugh, why does chemistry have to be so boring." Jarred moaned to his brother and slouched on the cafeteria couch.

"You're lucky that it's over .. for now."

"Dinner's served!" The tall lady who Dev merely remembered. A flash back in time took place, when he went to Pleasantview for a day ... a lady ... "No .. This can't be .... "

Dev was rushed to hospital urgently. Sirens wooing, Cops contemplating and there Jarred stood solemnly looking at his brother. " Tha- That, ...... MONSTER!" The Lady who knocked Dev out was in fact my nemesis: Bella Goth. I literally hate her and her family except from Gunther, Prudence and Mortimer, there just so .. freaky.

Dev was recovering with antibiotics to help him with his heart failure. His needs had dropped down drastically ad Jarred had to hop off to class. A week later, Dev was as keen as a ... uhm .. uh .. Kow. He started getting back on track with his classes but meanwhile Jarred was failing, he was most likely to get expelled "AndthenIwouldhavetogoallthewayhomewhichwasinBrockmanSpringsandIhatedittherere!" Jarred said without taking any breath, Dev looked confused.

"What?" Queried Dev, suspiciously.

"Well, It is all your fault for not telling me what 23+55 and then square it, anyway what is the answer?" Jarred answered back quickly and lethargically.

"It's 6084, Durr," Dev antagonized Jarred by saying, "Don'tcha, Know your tables?"

Chapter 2: Campus Commentary Edit

This is the final part of Brotherly Love:

Scott, Jarred's new Best-friend, was walking to class when he, and his friend Jarred, heard Dev speaking into a mega-phone. They stop and complain.

"What in the SimLord of Will Wright are you doing?!" Jarred Shouted to Dev.

Dev couldn't hear Jarred and then Scott joined in:


"O-oh, w-wha-t .. d-did y-yo-u w-an-t? Dev shivered whilst talking. It was autumn at college and it was the final term.

"It's time to go," Jarred said "We need to go home!"

The End.