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The Bunch Family is from Sunset Valley and Riverview. The families connect to the Mae-Langerak Family as Ethan, the new head of the Bunch Family, is married to Zelda Mae, the sister-in-law of the Langerak Family.

The Sunset Valley BunchEdit

The Sunset Valley are a default family that were separated into two households. The first household is called the Original Bunch Household that contains to Jack BunchJudy Bunch and Arlo Bunch (I moved him into the original bunch household because when he became a teen, he was SO ugly and I couldn't stand it). This family is not playable as I didn't like the three characters. The Current Bunch household is the playable household. This household contains Ethan Bunch, his wife Zelda Mae and their children Andrew BunchJessica Bunch and Arthur Bunch. This household also contains Ethan's sisters Darlene BunchLisa Bunch and Alexis Bunch. The other relatives of the Bunch family of Sunset Valley are Iliana Langerak, Zelda's sister, Dustin Langerak, Zelda, Ethan and Ethan's siblings brother-in-law, Parker Langerak, Zelda, Ethan and Ethan's siblings nephew, and Kaylynn Langerak, Zelda, Ethan and Ethan's siblings niece. 


First Generation: Jack Bunch & Judy Bunch

Second Generation: Ethan Bunch (Zelda Bunch), Arlo BunchJudy BunchDarlene BunchAlexis Bunch

Third Generation: Arthur BunchAndrew Bunch, Jessica Bunch  Amelia Bunch, Brookly Bunch, Adam Crumplebottom (With Agnes Crumplebottom), Adriana Crumplebottom (With Agnes Crumplebottom)

Other Family (Others) Edit

Eduardo, Gael and Julia Bunch (From the person in the comments who commented Eu ja casei com o Ethan Bunch, tive 4 filhos)

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