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CanTEEN Life: Playing With Fire
Playing With Fire

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Name: CanTEEN Life: Playing With Fire
Genre: Drama/Mystery/Romance
Created by: User: PaigeRhian
Number of chapters: TBA

Original run: 12th August 2012
Status: Under Construction

Preceded by: None
Succeeded by: CanTEEN Life: Case Closed

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CanTEEN Life: Playing With Fire is part of the CanTEEN Life series written by PaigeRhian. It is written in a diary-esque style with each chapter written in the perspective of a different character. It follows teenagers at a boarding school and their lives.

Main Characters Edit

Pippa Pho, Sydney Pho, Autumn Pho, Jeremy Biton, Sofie Telto, Dawn Telto, Katrina Sont, Iris Sont & Raya Barr.

Recurring Characters Edit

Kellie Pho, Fredren Pho, Will Domran, Mia Pop, Yasmina Pop, Glen Bitan, Aidan Peterson & Phyliss Peterson.

Minor Characters Edit

Talia Pho, Victoria Softure & Keri Pop.

Once Accruing Characters Edit

Dean Coass, Simon Lino, Warren Mal & Fie Kidow.

Chapter 1: Pippa - The First Day Edit

There I am, minding my own business, TRYING to get to sleep when BRING!!! Next time my alarm clock wakes me up I'm smashing it against the wall! I know that's it's job, but seriously?! How's about a "Pippa, please get up, I know you don't want to, but come on! No? Okay" and then it shuts up?! But no. I have to deal with a noise high enough you'd think only dogs could hear it, except the whole town can hear it! Reaching for the off button and successfully turning the dreadful machine off I threw my pillow at Sofie. If I'm up, she has to be up. Sofie is my best friend, she always has been since she moved in with her adoptive mum across the street when we were 3. We're 13 now. Well I'm nearly 14, she's 11 days older than me so I set the standard of birthday presents! However, it's my brother's birthday first. It's his birthday in two days. I hate his birthdays. What are you supposed to get your brother? Or your dad for that matter? Anyway, when we get up it's pretty boring to be honest, but then again it's the first day, what did I expect? The real drama is after the first day. After the lessons. After the disgusting excuse for a teacher Ms. Peterson finishes moaning at us all. The end of the day, it's suppose to be sanctuary for us teens. Time to chill out, to relax. However, down to my idiot brother it was not a relaxing time...

Chapter 2: Sydney - Respect Edit

How did I get here? I'm between Katrina and Dawn whilst they talk about yoga and why it's so good for... A certain time of the month. Raya and Sofie are getting into a heated debate about Hollister I don't know why, because to be honest, I'm fading in and out. It's only until Iris talks that I start to pay attention. It's always been like that with me and Iris. We've been best friends for about 9 years since she was adopted by Katrina's mum and dad. Up until recently our friendship had been completely platonic. Then she started dating Aidan, who's a complete waste of space if you ask me. Then for some reason I found myself to be extremely jealous. I don't know why. It's just seeing her with him makes my skin crawl. I'm sure it's because I hate him though. I mean, I don't like Iris. She's like my sister. "So what about you Dawn? Who do you like?" Iris asked, "Yeah whose the lucky guy?" Raya continued, "Or girl?" Katrina laughed, "Oi! I'm no lez!" Dawn persisted, "What's wrong with lesbians?" Iris said, "You trying to tell us something here Iris?" Raya joked, "I hope not!" Aidan said. To be honest I didn't even notice he had come in. I was too busy staring at Iris according to Jeremy. Then Glen came in. That I noticed. Eurgh. I think I hate him more than I hate Aidan. No, actually I don't, that was a step too far! But I do hate him! He just whaltzes in and starts kissing Pippa, right infront of me! She's my little sister! He should have at least an ounce of respect. By this point I was literally clenching my teeth thinking about his smug face. Then Jeremy started to talk. "I don't know what she sees in him, you know... Kissing wise..." "What you think you're any better?" I said, "I know I am!" Jeremy said a little too smugly, "Pippa! Think you can come up for air?" "Yeah?" she said walking over to our corner of the canteen. No one dares to sit there. Not even Aidan. It's our table. She should be sitting here really. That's how I managed to be sat next to Katrina and Dawn because she messed up the seating plan! Don't get me wrong, I do like Kat and Dawn but I only want to learn about the female body when I HAVE to in Science class where ironically I sit between them as well. "Aren't I a good kisser?" Jeremy said, it was almost like it wasn't a question. "You were ages ago, I don't know about now!" Pippa said. What the hell?! Jeremy had kissed my sister? When, where, why?! I think Pippa sensed the tension and walked out the room. "Oi! Biton!" I heard a voice call. You could tell by the accent it was Glen. He was from Newcastle and you could tell. I find it almost impossible that him and Jeremy are related. I know they're cousins but seriously? They are complete opposites! They don't even look the same! And Jeremy is Irish! I bet his mum wanted to get away from Glen's dad as soon as possible so she flew to Ireland! If he's anything like Glen, I wouldn't blame her! "Do us a favour and stay away from Pippa, she don't need scum like you poking your nose into her life!" "Psh, whatever." Jeremy said as he was walking away. I think he's used to Glen being like that. He's known him since he was born so it wouldn't be hard to sense just a smidge of de ja vu. "What's your problem Glen?" someone said. Glen turned and looked at me. Oh jesus was that me? I need to think about what I say before I say it! "I'm just saying it would be appreciated if he wasn't around Pippa all the time!" "It would be appreciated if you didn't kiss my little sister right in front of me!" The voice said again. "She doesn't seem little though, does she?" This time it was a voice it was a fist. MY fist. I definitely knew what I was doing. Or did I? Just as I thought I was clever by punching him I fell to the floor and we started to have a fight. I clearly didn't know what I was doing as by the time Iris pulled me off him I had a black eye. "Sydney, what the hell do you think you're doing?!" Was that Pippa? I swear. I just had a fight with Glen because he'd been disrespectful to her and she's annoyed at me?! "How can you shout at Sydney? Glen started it by winding him up!" Iris said. I was glad she was sticking up for me. I kind of already knew she was on my side because she'd risked a stray punch hitting her to drag me out of the fight but that had just confirmed it. "This has nothing to do with you Iris!" "Too right it does! Sydney's my friend and you're treating him like crap!" "Your 'friend' Iris?" "Go to hell Pippa! If you're trying to call me a slag maybe you should look at your boyfriend!" "I'd rather have a 'cheater' as a boyfriend than have your golddigging psychopath!" I may forgive Pippa because she has just completely proved my point and I don't look jealous because someone else thinks it! "Whatever. Sydney let's go." Iris said leading me out of the room. And of course I followed. But not because I like her. I do love her, but like a sister. I think...