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Capp family
Name Capp family
Number of generations 5 generations
Family connections Ulett family, Monty family, Summerdream family
Juliette Capp has fallen for Romeo, but even the members of her family who supported her are starting to caution her against dating him. Will Juliette choose her family, or her love?
Members Consort Capp, Tybalt Capp, Juliette Capp, Hermia Capp
Lot Capp Manor
Net worth §235,263
The Sims 2 Logo
Keeping four teens on the path to success in the Capp tradition is a taxing job for Goneril and Albany, espeically following an attempt on their lives. Will this situation destroy their family, or bring them together?
Members Goneril Capp, Albany Capp, Miranda Capp, Hal Capp, Desdemona Capp, Ariel Capp
Lot 80 Bard Boulevard
Net worth §96,713
Other Information
Game The Sims 2 Icon The Sims 2
The Sims 2 Logo
Regan, Lucian, Kent, and Tamora are a small branch of the Capp family, determined to pursue their futures away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of their relatives. Can they succeed without alienating the Capps? And will Kent ever get out of his sister's house?
Members Regan Capp, Kent Capp, Lucian Capp, Tamora Capp
Lot 50 Poet Place
Net worth §72,984
Other Information
Game The Sims 2 Icon The Sims 2

The Capp family, as in canon, is one of the main families in my version of Veronaville. Time has passed since the beginning of the game, and many of the children have grown into teenagers, while some of the premade teenagers are just getting ready to age up to adults. The Capps are bitter rivals of the Monty family and have been for three generations. They run a large law firm in cooperation with the Uletts.

Origins and HistoryEdit

The Capp dynasty was started by Cleopatra Capp, but gained little recognition besides as owners of local businesses before the time of her granddaughter, Contessa. Together with her husband Consort and best friend Constance, Contessa founded Capp and Ulett Legal, a law firm which most of their descendants work to this day. The firm specializes in prosecuting violent and/or gang-related crimes.

The Capp family is descended from nobility and retains many of its old traditions, including a line of inheritance. Succession in the family is strict matriarchal primogeniture which ignores the deaths of any family members in between the current head and the heir. By this method, Juliette Capp is the current head of the Capp family. Since she is not yet of age, her grandfather Consort and aunt Goneril currently share the job of acting as the family regent. Juliette will be considered eligible to act as the head of the family at the age of twenty.

Feuding with the MontysEdit

As a teenager, the young Contessa Capp briefly dated Patrizio Monty, who was working at a business owned by her mother. However, Consort uncovered the connections between Patrizio's family and the Veronaville mob, which quickly ended the relationship. This experience contributed in no small part to Contessa's idea to start the law firm, and to her husband and best friend's agreement to partner with her.

With the introduction of the law firm, the family feud that started with Contessa and Patrizio's messy breakup has since evolved into a war between gangsters and the lawyers trying to put them away. Although the Capps have never managed to successfully prosecute any of the Montys, they have put away many of their friends, which keeps the feud going.

The feud has so far resulted in two deaths, both on the Capp side. After a lawyer from Capp and Ulett Legal got one of Patrizio's best friends convicted of several gang-related crimes, members of the Monty crime family burned down the house where Cordelia Capp and her husband Caliban lived with their three children. Both Cordelia and Caliban were killed in the fire, leaving their children, who had been at school at the time, orphaned. The children were taken in by Consort and Contessa shortly before Contessa's death due to natural causes.

As of Patrizio's death, the feud has survived the family heads who began it. Most recently, the same Monty hitman who burned down Cordelia and Caliban's house has made an attempt on the house that Goneril and Albany share with their four children. Since the fire department responded quickly, the house was saved, and nobody was hurt; however, this event has put the entire Capp family on their toes.

Branches of the Capp familyEdit

Currently, the Capp family has three branches, each tied to one of Consort and Contessa's three daughters: Cordelia, Goneril, and Regan.

Cordelia's children, Tybalt, Juliette, and Hermia, live with Consort in the Capp manor, as is tradition for those closest to the title of head of the family. The three orphans have the gray eyes common to many Capps, but have all inherited their father's red hair, a trait which may become indicative of lineage from the Cordelia Capp line.

Goneril's family is larger than Cordelia's, owing largely to Goneril's jealous desire to outdo her elder sister. As there are three daughters, it is likely that most Capps in the future will be descended from Goneril's line. Goneril's children look much more like stereotypical Capps than either of her sisters' children, as all except for her son Hal have at least one of the typical Capp traits (blond hair and/or gray eyes).

Regan's line is smaller than the others, counting only herself, her daughter Tamora, and sometimes her brother Kent. Tamora takes after her father in appearance, making her the only Capp of her generation to have black hair or blue eyes, let alone both. Regan's line is also the only one to distance themselves from Capp and Ulett Legal, as Regan opted to build her own company rather than entering the family business. Capps of this line also tend to need glasses, as both Regan and her husband are nearsighted.

Juliette and RomeoEdit

As Juliette Capp will become the head of the family once she comes of age, she is expected to excel in school, take a job at Capp and Ulett Legal, make a respectable marriage, and have a daughter to carry on the title. However, she is currently dating Romeo Monty, the grandson of Patrizio and, despite his youth, one of the next successors to the headship of the Monty crime family. Juliette denies that Romeo is involved in the less savory side of his family's dealings, and protests that she is in love with him. Her mother, Cordelia, was a firm believer in the concept of True Love, and Juliette uses this at every opportunity to prove that she and Romeo are destined to be together.

While Juliette's sister Hermia and rebellious cousin Miranda originally supported her decision to go out with Romeo, support for the relationship has since dwindled to none. Hermia cites seeing Romeo attempt to flirt with another girl as her reason for changing her position, but Juliette does not believe her. Miranda, meanwhile, ended her relationship with Mercutio and suggested that Juliette do the same with Romeo following the fire at her house. Juliette understands Miranda's motives, but remains firm in her belief that Romeo has nothing to do with the Monty crime syndicate.

Rumor that Romeo is involved in the syndicate or unfaithful to Juliette is, however, not limited to Hermia and Miranda's words, and Juliette is fast approaching the age at which she will have to accept the family headship or give up her claim to the Capp title.