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Cassandra's engagement
Cassandra Goth (fanon)
Name: Cassandra's engagement
Series: All Blue
Written by: Auror Andrachome
Release date: April 14, 2011

Previous chapter: Alexander's questions
Next chapter: Bella's disappearance

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Cassandra's engagement is the third chapter in the fan-fiction series, All Blue.

At the restaurant...

"Oh, Don! It's beautiful!" Don simply smiled. "So, will you, Cassie?"Yes, I will marry you!" Champagne was delivered to the new couple. It seemed this was a festive occasion. That was not the case. You see, Don was in a large debt. Meaning, he owed a lot of money, to a lot of people. The actual plan was to use the Goth fortune to pay back what he owed; §3,035,535. Don thought. Those people were out of their  minds! He didn't have that much, and he knew he would never make that much in his own lifetime. With Cassandra as his wife, he had access to Morty's simoleons, whether he liked it or not. Yes, this plan would work...

At the Goth mansion..."

"Daddy!" Mortimer nearly had a heart attack when Cassandra jumped up to hug her father. She had rarely done so nowadays, mostly due to Morty's advancing age. "Me and Don are getting married!" Mortimer's face turned to shock and disbelief. "No." He refused to believe that Don had tricked Cassie into marrying him. She was too smart! "She's too smart for that...", Mortimer said to himself. With the racket going on, Alex came downstairs. After Cassie told him the news, he realized that Don would be his soon-to-be brother-in-law. "No! God, no!" Cassie looked at her broken family. They didn't want Don as family. They didn't want anything to do with Don. What so wrong with Don? Why did her family not want him? What would mummy have done? After a moment, Cassandra grabbed Don's hands, and left. "Cassandra, you come right back this instant!" She did no such thing. As Don walked with Cassandra to the car, he saw his plan falling apart. He hadn't anticipated with Morty interfering like that. Being without Don meant that the plan was no more. If was useless to marry Cassie now. He had to do something quick, before his plan failed. "Cassie, wait!" If your father doesn't believe we should marry, then I respect his opinion. "But, Don, I want to marry you.."I know Cassie, but don't you want Alex and Pops in your life? To be at the wedding?" Cassie nodded, sadly, and went back in side with Don. Don realized that his plan had a lot of reorganizing to do.