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Chadwick Fuchs
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Chadwick sometimes feels jealous of his little sister. No reason why, he's just that kind of brother.
Name Chadwick Fuchs
Gender TS2 Male Male
Age TS3-Adult Adult
Life state Ghost Ghost
Parents Abigail Mikkelsen, Daniel Mikkelsen, Leila FuchsAdoptive Linda CollinAdoptive, Bruce Collin Step-son
Sibling(s) Annie Mikkelsen Female Angelo FuchsAdoptive Mia CollinAdoptive
Pets Ariel, Sonny
Aspiration Knowledge Knowledge
Secondary aspiration  Max Out 7 Skills
Hair color TS2 Brown Hair Brown
Eye color TS2 Blue Eyes Blue
Skin color Skin-dark Dark
Other Information
Game The Sims 2 Icon The Sims 2
Playability Deceased
Cause of death Illness
Neighborhood Desertia
Chadwick James Fuchs (born Payton Chadwick Mikkelsen) is a sim who lived in Desertia. He is the biological son of Abigail Mikkelsen and Daniel Mikkelsen, the biological younger brother of Annie Mikkelsen, the adopted son of Leila Fuchs and Linda Fuchs, the adopted brother of Angelo Fuchs and Mia Collin, and the adopted uncle of AJ Fuchs, Fanon:Angie Fuchs, and Fanon:Daisy Fuchs.


Birth and Early LifeEdit

Payton Mikkelsen was born to a loving married couple, Abigail and Daniel Mikkelsen. He was their second child, as he had a teenage sister named Annie. He started going by his middle name Chadwick once he started school, as he didn't like having a unisex name. Disaster struck at home one night, when Abigail began to cook dinner for the family as a celebration for Annie graduating from high school, but left the food in the oven for two long as she helped Chadwick with his homework. Annie discovered the kitchen had burst into flames, and managed to evacuate her parents and brother, Abigail ran back in to save her daughter, as Daniel tried to stop her as he knew Annie was already dead. Chadwick stood outside the house scared for his parents, having already figured out that his sister was dead. Eventually the fire died down, and Chadwick thought that his parents had put it out, but he walked back in to find piles of ash all over the house, three of which belonged to his parents and sister. The social worker came to Chadwick, who was sitting alone in the burned out house, and took him into care. 


Chadwick didn't spend very long in care, as the social worker informed him of a same-sex married couple wishing to adopt. He went to their house and met Leila and Linda, as well as Angelo, the child that Leila adopted as a single mother sometime before meeting Linda. Chadwick had his name officially changed to Chadwick James Fuchs, and he bonded with Angelo, over their common orphaned status (Angelo's father died before he was born and his mother killed herself). Shortly after his adoption, his parents enrolled him and Angelo in private school. Leila died from electrocution, and Linda moved on with a man named Bruce and they had a daughter named Mia. When Linda and Bruce died, Chadwick was left to care for the teenage Mia. Chadwick caught and illness that passed on to Mia. Mia died first, devastating Chadwick, who died later.