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Before you Learn Letters, you have to make sounds Chapter 1 Next Chapter: TBA

Lance's POV

It all started on a rainy day as I was walking through the local park looking for prey, when I noticed a young lady, around my age, standing all alone without a jacket on. Me being able to go to the park to even look for prey was a bonus in itself considering I didn't leave my house all that often with the exception of work. But actually finding someone on accident? That  was an absolute miracle! "You look cold. Do you want to borrow my jacket?" I said, walking over to her. "Thank you very much, sir." She said, slipping my jacket over her shoulders. "I'm new to this neighborhood, so I ended up getting lost." "You know, I could give you a ride to my place so you could have somewhere to keep warm until this storm is over." "That would be great, thank you!" She flashed me a smile, and I smiled back, being careful to not accidently reveal my fangs to her and my secret would be spoiled. I had her get in my car and I drove the two of us to my house, which was actually not that big considering my actual wealth. As soon as I got her inside I knew that I had to have a drink. Maybe I could even hypnotize her into love? "Hey, I  don't think I ever got your name." I said, acting like I was just planning on having the two of us be freinds. "It's Scarlet." "Well, that's a beautiful name! You know that your named after quite a lovely shade of red." She smiled, although she could tell that I liked the color considering it was on most of the walls in my house. "My name's Lance, pleasure to meet you." I walked to the front of her and looked deep into her eyes, putting her into a standstill as her eyes turned a bright pink color. Then, I went in for the bite. After I was done, I snapped her out of the hypnosis and cleaned her arm with a small towel. "Hey, Lance. I think, and I know this might sound out of the blue, but I think that I might be falling in love with you. I smiled with my lips, now knowing that my plan for hypnotizing her was a sucsess and that Scarlet was now my eternal servant.  "Really? Because I think that I'm feeling the same way too!" I played along, so the feeling seemed unintentional. "Do you want to be my husband?" I looked at her in shock."Oh, sorry, was that too sudden?" She began to blush. "No, It's fine, I accept your proposal." She was taking this a little too fast, even for a vampire like myself. But, just to make her happy, I agreed. Soon, we were married, and it was time for me to learn about a subject that I had never even touched on before: the subject of Love.