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Chasing Bella
Chasing Bella picture1
Name: Chasing Bella
Genre: Drama
Created by: Myshra Hayden
Rating: PG
Number of chapters: 10

Original run: Premiering on 01/16/2016
Status: Ongoing

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Chasing Bella is a drama show, written and directed by Vl4dimir-g0thik featuring Pleasantview, 20 years after the events of the base game storyline. By now, one season is being written, containing 10 episodes. The plot is focused more on what does life in Pleasantview after the huge Bella Goth case looks like than the solve of the case itself.


Twenty years have passed since the dissapearence of the famous actress Bella Goth. The mystery has been resolved, and everybody could eventually go back to its normal life. The small and calm suburb of Pleasantview has grown into a dangerous metropolis. The drama franchise Missing Bella, produced, written and directed by Malcolm Landgraab IV, is known by everybody accross SimNation, and has restarted after a short hiatus due to Malcolm's arrestation during Bella Goth's case. Teenagers all around the globe are waiting for the release for the seventh and last film of the franchise on September 14th. In this situation, what could possibily go wrong...?


Main charactersEdit

  • Audrey Bermond
  • Adam Sullivan
  • Hailey Winchester
  • Ricardo Caliente
  • Victoria Lothario
  • Christopher Jensen
  • Dina Caliente
  • Nina Caliente
  • Lana Harris

Secondary charactersEdit


  • Episode 1

Title: Back to normal Release date: 01/16/2016

Summary: Monday, September 1st 2014. Another school year starts at Pleasantview High School. Audrey Bermond is going back to school after summer holidays spent with her friends and her mother. Everything seems to start going back to normal. Until the announcement of the release of the last Missing Bella movie on September 14th, twenty years after Bella Goth disappeared. Everyone does not seem pleased to learn for the end of the franchise...

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  • Episode 2

Title: Tension Release date: 01/23/2016

Summary: Everyone at the Plumbob Movie Studio is tensed, after the discovery of a sabotage act against them. Obvisouly, someone does not want the seventh Missing Bella movie to be released... On the other side, Audrey is depressed because there is none of her friend in her class this year.

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  • Episode 3

Title: TBA Release date: 01/30/2016


  • The show is actually a sequel of a story I wrote some years ago on the French community, named Ciao Bella!.
  • Almost all characters' parents are premades.