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This page contains all episodes of Chasing Bella show.


Main charactersEdit

  • Audrey Bermond
  • Adam Sullivan
  • Hailey Winchester
  • Ricardo Caliente
  • Victoria Lothario
  • Christopher Jensen
  • Dina Caliente
  • Nina Caliente
  • Lana Harris

Secondary/minor charactersEdit

  • Cassandra Goth
  • Sydney Goth
  • Antonio Monty
  • Don Lothario
  • Harmony Bermond
  • Amelia Loveland
  • Ian Jensen
  • Carolyn Jensen
  • Darren Dreamer
  • Angela Pleasant
  • Jimmy Phoenix
  • John Burb
  • Robert Kim
  • April Hunter

Episode 1: Back to normalEdit

Sofia ran into the office. She was breathless, but she could not stop running. She heard him chasing her in the stairs. She tried to hide under the desk when a hand caught her and grabbed her. She saw him. He had the wooden mask full of blood. Full of Ethan's blood. She shouted, and tried to fight him. He pushed her, she fell on the floor. He then took his mask of.

-Oh Watcher, she whispered. That was you! From the beginning!

Her sister laughed.

-Hello sis, surprised? I have been planning my little revenge for an exact year. Do you remember? One year ago, you and your stupid and pathetic friends thought you killed me? Well, I am here. More alive than I have ever been. Unlike you, I am afraid...

Luna raised her knife. She then tried to stab Sofia, but she had rolled on the floor and jumped on Luna.

-This movie is freaking the hell out of me, said Audrey.

-It's only a slasher, not so frightening, whispered Hailey.

-Well then I'm not ready to watch a true horror movie.

-Halloween's only in 2 months, you have plenty of time to get ready, teased Adam.

-Shhhh! yelled Adam.

-I'm sorry to bother while we're watching your favorite horror movie Adam.

Adam did not respond.

-I guess that means “I forgive you”, said Victoria.

-Here, here she is!

-Where? asked the police officer. There is no one here!


Sofia entered the room and saw all the broken glass on the floor, but Luna was not there.

-Oh no, no! She was there I promise! I was too crazy to think I could eventually kill her!

The End...?

-A true masterpiece! exclaimed Adam.

-Yeah, your favorite horror movie, repeated Audrey.

-My favorite? Are you insulting me?

-Oooooh, you shouldn't have said that! laughed Victoria while she raised to fill up the bowl with popcorn.

-Revenge is NOT my favorite horror movie! He indeed IS a masterpiece, but not my favorite.

-Then what is you favorite? asked Ricardo.

-Easy question. Missing Bella.

-What? C'mon this isn't even a horror movie!

-Technically, it's half-drama half-horror. Some scenes directly refer to the horror genre, honey.

Adam kissed Victoria. Ricardo did the same with Audrey. Hailey, standing in the middle, remained silent, eating popcorn alone, wondering when they were all going to break up and stop bothering her with their affection marks.

-Has any of you actually watched Missing Bella? Any of the franchise?

Victoria raised her hand, but she was the only one.

-Guys, are you serious?

-Why should it be so important? wondered Audrey.

-We're living in Pleasantview. This story is a part of us, of our town, of our lives, answered Victoria.

-Don't you think that all that anniversary stuff we make every September 14th is already way enough? Plus, my mom, and Ricardo's one, doesn't want me to watch any Missing Bella, explained Hailey.

-She's right! added Ricardo. Even though I never understood why.

-Neither did I.

-Your moms aren't there, and you're both 16, you can drive and they already let you whole weekends alone by yourself at home. And you don't need to tell them we watched the movie tonight. -You really want to watch Missing Bella?

-The first one, at least. Please guys!

-What time is it? asked Audrey.

-2:45. It'll be 4:15-ish when the movie will finish, said Adam.

Audrey looked through the window. She didn't see anything outside, due to a thick fog that hid everything in the street. She bet everything was calm, silent, a bit cold. She thought that tomorrow she had to go back to school. September 1st. A new school year would start. She didn't want to get that far to that day.

-Ok, let's watch the movie.

-You're the best Audrey! yelled Adam before he put the DVD.

-What time is it? asked Nina.

She knew she asked the same question not so long ago, maybe less than one minute ago. She was playing with the spoon in her empty mug, making that awful sound when you scrape it at the bottom of the mug.

-2:45, answered Dina. Last time you asked, it was 2:43, and before that it was 2:42. What's going on?

-I don't know... I don't feel fine with the idea that Hailey might be watching...

-Missing Bella? finished Dina.

-Yes, exactly, said Nina. I already told her that as long as she was living under my roof, she wasn't allowed to watch this movie. But tonight she's without me, without any adult supervision, so no one can be 100% sure and tell me she won't watch it with the other.

-You can't always forbid her to do everything. She's sixteen now, she is slowly becoming an adult, and she'll start making decisions you won't agree with her. That's life, sometimes you just have to let her go.

-But aren't you afraid that Ricardo will watch it too?

-Of course I am, Nina, but I just deal with it.

-Dina how can you stay so calm? Missing Bella is also our story, and not from our point of view, but from people's point of view twenty years ago. They imagined us as evil and being responsible of everything, and...

-Yes I know. Times have changed, everything's different now. We both have children, we no longer are the young women we used to be. We have changed, along with the times. For the better. -Well... if you say so.

There was a short silence. Nina did not know what to say. She knew Dina was partially right, and that she could not protect her daugther from all the dangers that existed in the whole world. -And, how's Cedric doing? eventually asked Dina, to break the silence.

-Fine. He's really happy being a surgeon. He's got a better pay he really enjoys this job. He also told me he wanted another child.

-Really? Aren't you already pleased with Aidan?

-We are, but he always wanted to be a father, and even though he has Hailey, I guess he wants his own daugther instead of one I got with another man. -Yeah, another man...

-Dina, could you please stop judging me everytime we talk about it?

-It's so simple to know who Hailey's father is!

-I. Know.

-Then why don't you just do a test so that she can eventually have all the answers she's been waiting for all those years?

-Because... because... I-I don't want to know! She and I have spent sixteen years without knowing who he was, and he never needed him, so I don't know why it is so important in the end.

-For Watcher's sake, it's important for Hailey! She might tells you that she is ok not knowing him, I know she secretly wants to meet him.

-Stop, you know nothing! We're doing very well thank you, and if she really wants a father figure, Cedric's there.


-Dina, I said stop!

Another silence. Nina felt guilty about what Dina said. The truth was she did not want to know who was Hailey's father because she was afraid of so much things. She was afraid not to remember him, because she was drunk the night she got pregnant, and never had any memory of that night. She was also afraid of all the things he could do against her, such as asking for being in charge of Hailey. Before she got pregnant sixteen years ago, she kept claiming she would never have children, because she pretended she could fulfill her happiness by herself. With the birth of Hailey, and the years passing by, she realized how lucky she was to have a daugther. If Hailey's father ever came back in Hailey's life, all the moments that gave a sense to her life would get destroyed.

She decided to break the silence.

-What time is it?

-2:53, answered Dina.

-Looks like we'll be facing a really long night.

-Yes, you're right!

The clock rang. September 1st, 7:00a.m. Audrey had stresfully expected this moment for a few weeks, but despite all these expectations, that waking was way harder than she thought.

A new school year begins... she mumbled.

She got up and looked at her face in the mirror. Her friends always kept telling her she was pretty, but she never believed them. She had always thought she did not have any beauty, she was just an average Jane. She opened the door of her room and got into the dining room. She smelled something yummy.

-Audrey, shouted her mother, Harmony. Are you awake?

-Yes I am.

-I made you pancakes.

Audrey sat at the dining table, while her mother gave her the plate with two good-looking pancakes.

-So, are you happy to getback to school.

As an answer, Audrey started at her mother and said:


-Just teasing you, I know you don't like school.

-Not that I don't like school, but I'm not particularly enjoying it. Sometimes it's funny, sometimes horribly boring.

-If you say so. Do you want that I drive you to school this morning?

-Yes, why not!

After eating her breakfast, Audrey took a quick shower, then got dressed and put makeup on her face. She rarely used makeup, and when she did, it only was eyeliner and sometimes a really discreet eyeshadow. She was ready by 7:35a.m. -Hurry up, school starts at 8!

-C'mon mom, we have 25 minutes to get there, I swear we won't be late!

As she arrived at Pleasantview High School, Audrey saw Victoria and Ricardo walking together. She could remember the day they learnt they were half-sibligs as if it happened yesterday. They were in primary school, in 3rd grade. At first, their mother did not want to tell them the truth, but Ricardo said he was in love with Victoria, so Dina and Cassandra had to. At first, it was very hard for them to face the truth. They eventually got over it and even became best friends, sharing their darkest secrets and deepest fears. Audrey got out of the car, hugged her mom and joined her friends.

-Hi Audrey! Excited about this new school year? asked Victoria.

-Not at all, answered Audrey in a laugh.

-Neiter am I, added Ricardo.

-C'mon, it'll be fun, let's hope we'll be together! said Victoria.

The three teenagers entered the high school facility. Students were gathering around the classes lists, some were excited and yelling, others were sadder or even crying. Hailey and Adam came to them.

-Guys, wonderful news: Victoria, Ricardo, Adam and I are in the same class!

-That's amazing! said Audrey. What about I?

Adam and Hailey shared an awkward look. Audrey started feeling afraid of what they were about to say.

-You... began Adam. You are in another class.

-What?! shouted Audrey.

She ran to the lists, looking for her name. She saw her friends name on the same list, class 12A. She then saw her on class 12D.

-Let's just hope we'll share some classes, right? murmured Victoria.

-I hope, yes.

Lana Harris entered the Plumbob Movie Studio. Her personal assistant, April Hunter, was following her, checking her phone.

-When does the meeting with the producers start? asked Lana, waving to the people already working in the studio.

-8:15a.m. It's currently 7:45. You have half an hour to work on the last Missing Bella extract and then the film will be ready to be projected in the movies, replied April.

-Great. May I get the extract mailed to me on my phone? I don't have that much time to go the viewing room.


The meeting started 5 minutes earlier. As usual. Lana Harris had so much to do with the new Missing Bella movie she did not want to lose a single minute. She became the new director of the Missing Bella franchise after Malcolm Landgraab got arrested some years ago, during the Bella Goth case. Her dream was fulfilled by them. She started as an unexistant assistant, just like April today. She then became coordinator, and even helped Malcolm writing the third Missing Bella film. Her ideas were so clever she was immediately chosen to continue the franchise.

-How is the last Missing Bella going? asked one of the producer.

-We are doing very well. The last extract has been added to the final film, and we are ready to project it in two weeks time, answered Lana.


-It really has to be a masterpiece, just like the six others, am I being clear? Your last decisions to kill Lana Montgomery, a.k.a Bella Goth, at the end of the sixth one was quite clever by then, but now you have to ensure the success of the last movie without the leading figure of the movie. The one who gave her name to it, explained another producer.

-I am perfectly aware of this. That is why I wanted to show some extracts, so that we could gather opinions. I hope you will like it.

-Go to the screening room.

When Lana opened the door of the screening room, she understood something was wrong. All the screens were turned on, while they should have been turned off, but something was partially hiding the picture.

-What the... mumbled April.

Lana switched on the light. Every screen had a writing on it. Robbers. It was written in red. A really upsetting kind of red.

-Is that... blood?! asked a producer, scared.

End of the first episode

Episode 2: TensionEdit

Audrey entered the classroom. It was full of students talking to each other, laughing together. And she knew none of them. Apart from that girl, Amelia Loveland, always sitting the closest to the teacher's desk. She was really pretty, and when she wanted it, she could be nice. Unfortunately, she was not often. Audrey went to the first seat empty. The teacher entered the classroom. Angela Pleasant. Technically, her name was Angela Phoenix, now that she married the guitarist of Pleasantview's rock band, but she kept her maiden name at school. Audrey alread had Mrs. Pleasant as a literature teacher last year, and she knew she was really good and kind to all students. Her tests were a bit tough, but if you studied well, there was not any problem.

-I see some faces I already know, said Mrs. Pleasant after she wrote her name on the board. My name is Angela Pleasant Phoenix. I will be your literature teacher for this year. You will all be together for mathematics class, literature, economy, history, geography and physical education. You might in other classes for chemistry, biology and physics, and other groups again for your languages.

-Great, thought Audrey. I'll have to spend all this time alone in this class. While all my friends will be together. There's no justice down here.

Angela called all students, then gave them their time-table. She briefly talked about the literature program in 12th grade, and some other topics you usually talk about on the first day of school. Lunch time quickly came. Audrey saw all her friends sitting at their table, in a corner of the canteen, as usual. She joined them.

-Hey you! yelled Victoria. So? Are you going to commit suicide today or are you waiting to see if this gets worse than you imagined?

-I really want to stay alive, but I bet it's gonna be really hard. Please tell me that someone has French in the A group, or I think I'm gonna cry.

-I'm in the A group, said Hailey, along with Victoria and Ricardo.

-Great! Also, I'm in the B group for both Spanish and English. Who else?

-Me, replied Adam. I'm the B group for English along with Victoria, Ricardo and Hailey, and in the C group for Spanish.

-Looks like we're all five together in English, commented Victoria.


-You see, you shouldn't have been that desperate Audrey. Personally, I only have excellent classes, since I'm with at least one of you in each class, Ricardo in Italian, you in both Spanish and English...

-Oh, sorry to interrupt you honey, but I wanted all of you to be aware that the movie club will start earlier this year, this Wednesday.

-3rd September? Why is it so early this year?

-Missing Bella 7 will be released on 14th September, I absolutely need to talk about it in the club.

-Oh, such a surprise, mocked Audrey.

-Yes, we weren't expecting this. At all!

-Do you have any clue who could've done that? asked police officer Demi Love.

-No, absolutely not! We don't even know how it's possible that someone entered the studio and did... this! shouted Lana, in anger.

-Apart from you, who does have a key to enter the screening room?

-The other director, Robert Kim, and my assistant, April Hunter.

-Miss Hunther is currently being questioned by my colleague, officer Kauker. Do you know how to contact Mr Kim? I need to question him too.

-Sure, here's his number.

Lana was astonished by what just happened. Someone was obvisouly trying to prevent the release of the last Missing Bella. Why? They never got hate on the Internet, never got threatens. Apart from when Malcolm Landgraab got arrested, and Cassandra Goth sent them a letter “asking”, more like forcing them, to stop using the Goth family real story in their scenario. They had to imagine the sequel with what they had done so far without being inspired by the real life. Lana had imagined the best scenarios the studio ever produced and directed. She made a clever yet hard decision to kill Bella Goth's character at the end of Missing Bella 6, and had to shoot a seventh one because the producers wanted this. She wrote the perfect scenario that would be a wonderful ending to the franchise. And now, someone wanted to make this impossible. No. She would release Missing Bella 7 on 14th September even if she had to die for this to be possible. This was the work of her life. She had something to finish.

Robert Kim arrived, breathless. He took Lana in his arms.

-Oh Lana, I heard what happened, are you okay?

-Of course I am, stop this Robert. Someone is just trying to scare us, but we won't fall. This was nothing.

-Nothing? Someone wrote “robbers” on all of our screens with blood!

-Actually, said officer Love, this wasn't blood. This was red paint, with a strong resemblance to blood. Our culprit might be a make-up designer.

-Make-up designer?

-We're looking for immedate suspects. This is a movie studio, so there obviously are make-up designers.

-There are, but they're not working today. Do you want me to call them and tell them to come?

-No thanks Mrs. Harris, we'll come back to question them tomorrow, said Demi Love.

After the officers left, Lana met Robert and April in her office.

-Who would want the movie to be cancelled? asked Lana.

-Honestly? I don't know.

-Well, have you thought about... began April.

She saw Lana and Robert eyes suddenly staring at her, so she stopped her sentence.

-About who? Please finish your sentence, Miss Hunter, said Robert.

-... your-your ex-wife? Cynthia Kim?

Robert turned to Lana, he was obviously angry.

-Is that some kind of really bad joke? We promised we would never talk about her anymore.

-I'm sure April didn't mean what she said...

-I'm sure she did! Cynthia is no longer working here, since we...

-Since we killed her character in Missing Bella 6, mumbled April. She was far from being happy the first time she read the scenario. After she left the studio, we never heard about her, and sometimes I saw her begging for money in SimCity's streets. Divorce was really expensive, and she...

-Stop it, ordered Robert.

-She ran out of money after paying her lawyer etc. What if her goal was to make you pay this?

-I TOLD YOU TO STOP! shouted Robert.

A huge silence, April was looking at Robert, scared of how angry he was. Lana did not know what to say, stuck between him and her.

-I'm leaving.

Robert took his wallet and violently slammed the door.

-April, I guess you are one of the worse dumbass down here!

-I'm sorry Mrs Harris.

-You better be sorry, indeed! I bet that if Robert Kim leaves the Plumbob Movie Studio, you will have to pay for everything. Am I being clear?

-Yes... Do you want me to call him and apologize?

-Of course not! You already caused enough damage! I'm gonna call him later today. Now, just get out of my office.

-Hi guys! You might know me, or not. For those who don't know who I am, my name is Adam Sullivan. This year is the second year I'm in charge of the high school movie club, and I'm really glad to see so much people came for our first meeting!

Everyone applaused. Around 51 sutdents decided to come to see how would the movie club be. Among them, there were Haily, Audrey, Victoria and Ricardo, of course. Adam did not expect so many people, so he and his friends had to bring more chairs so that everyone could have a seat.

-As you may know, Missing Bella 7 will be released in two weeks time, on 14th September. The whole franchise is really important for us, Pleasantview citizens. Therefore, I thought it would be a good idea to rewatch the movies and talk about them before the release of the seventh.

Some students yelled, others just threw some "yeah". Suddenly, a hand rose in the air.

-Yes Amelia, what do you already want to criticize?

-Last year, we spent at least half of the year talking about the Missing Bella franchise. We all understood that it was your favorite movie, but couldn't we watch and study other movies than these ones?

-I see. Listen up, we're gonna make a deal, you and I. Let me until october, or at last autumn break, to talk as much as I want about Missing Bella. Then we'll move to other movies. Deal?


-Great. Now, cana ny of you tell me is Missing Bella about?

Some student rose his hand.

-Missing Bella is a franchise focused on the iconic actress Bella Goth that used to live here, in Pleasantview, before she disappeared in mysterious circumstances.

-Are all the seven movies about Bella Goth's life? asked Adam.

-I, uh... guess?

-Beep! Wrong answer! Who can correct him?

-Only the three first movies are about Bella Goth real life and story, answered Amelia. After the three was released, the police found out Malcolm Landgraab, who also was Missing Bella director, organized Bella's abduction. He got arrested, and when Lana Harris was chosen as a new director, she got a letter from Cassandra Goth, Don Lothario, the Caliente sisters and Mary-Sue Pleasant, the former Pleasantview mayor, telling them that they would take them to court if they continued using their real stories. Directors have been inventing the scenarios of the sequels since then.

-Wow, that was quite a... complete answer. Thanks Amelia. Well, now that everyone knows what Missing Bella is about, let's watch the first one.

April ordered another drink. She knew she was quite drunk, but she really needed more alcohol. She hated Lana. She felt so pretentious, and never cared about the truth or April's own problems. All that mattered was Mrs. Harris' personal problems. April really hated that. She also hated that Robert would not consider his wife a possible suspect in this case. This was more than obvious that Cynthia Kim would not leave the studio that simple. She was lost in her drunk thoughts when her phone rang. Lana Harris. She rejected the call. Less than one minute later, she got a text from Lana:

Come back to the studio and bring the scenario to me. I'm at home, want to read it and compare to the scenes we shot.

Typical Lana attitude. No "please", no "thanks in advance". April did not want to give her that damn scenario. But she had to. She sighed, drank her glass really fast, paid her bill and then went out in the street to ask for a taxi. One eventually showed up.

-Take me to the Plumbob Movie Studio please.

-You know that it's already closed by 11pm.

-Yes I know, I work there, I have the keys to enter!

-Sorry Mrs.

-It's Miss, actually. Miss April Hunter. The worse dumbass down here.

-You seem a little drunk.

-That's why I asked for a taxi.

-Why did you drink so much?

-My life sucks so much. Lana Harris, everyone thinks this woman is prestigious, classy, smart, whatever overpositive adjective. She is actually so cold, so mean, so... and then there's Robert. He's almost invisible. He's so useless, always standing next to Lana and nodding whenever she asks him something. Some days I really want them to burn in hell.

-I see... whispered the taxi driver, who did not dare to interrupt her.

-No one even considers me as a human. I'm just their robot. No, worse than this, a dog. Yes, a dog. They think I'm their little doggie, ready to do anything for them, and never think by myself.

-We're arrived.

-Fine... how much?

-I'm in a good mood tonight, your life seems to suck already enough, so you don't need to pay anything.

-If I wasn't so drunk, I'd hug you.

-It's good you're drunk then.

-Have a good night.

-Yes you too.

April walked to the door. When she put the key into the lock, she noticed the door was not locked. She opened it. All the lights were switched off, except one in the reception of the studio. When she got closer, she saw Elden, the security guard, asleep on his chair. He had been a security guard in the studio for decades now, since the first Missing Bella movie. He was getting quite old, but now one wanted to fire him, as he was really nice, and knew everyone in the studio.

-Elden. Elden! ELDEN!!

The third time she shouted, Elden jumped on his chair.


-You should be watching, not sleeping.

-Sorry Miss Hunter.

-Is anyone there apart from us?

-I don't think so, everyone left by 7pm.

April walked to Lana's office. When she opened the door, she heard something falling on the floor. Plastic or something. She turned and saw the huge room, full of desks with computers, all turned off, in the dark. This was clearly creepy.

-This is the last time I drink so much, thought April.

April entered the office. She tried to turn the lights on, but it did not work.

-Great, I'll have to call a repairman tomorrow morning.

April walked to Lana's desk, and tried to find the scenario using her phone's flashlight. She heard the door slamming. Then someone punched her in the back.

End of the second episode

Episode 3Edit

Release date: February 5th