Cheaters Never Prosper
Name: Cheaters Never Prosper
Series: The Not so Pleasant Pleasants
Written by: Glenn31
Release date: May 28, 2011

Previous chapter: An Underaged Mom
Next chapter: Angela, Lilith... and Brittany

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Cheaters Never Prosper is the second chapter of The Not so Pleasant Pleasants. This episode follows my storyline and the Maxis storyline will kick in later.

Episode CharactersEdit

Angela Pleasant

Lilith Pleasant

Dustin Broke

Dirk Dreamer


It was just around 7 PM and Angela had just finished a notebook full of homework, only it wasn't her homework. Lilith had been making Angela do her homework for a few weeks now. She went downstairs to tell Lilith she was finished. She was normally outside in the Hot Tub at this time. She went out the back door and what she saw nearly made her faint. Lilith was in the Hot Tub. But she wasn't alone. Dustin was there too and they were.... Making Out! Angela was furious, she went over to the Hot tub and pulled them both out by the ear. First Angela confronted Dustin "Why were you kissing my sister?" Dustin replied "I wasn't kissing her. She grabbed me by the arms and started making out with me" Angela turned her attention to Lilith after dropping Dustin on the ground. "How...Dare...You" She said. Lilith felt no guilt. She didn't like Angela but Dustin was some dude. If he'd WooHoo with Angela, with her (Lilith) they'd have 5 kids before they even went to college. Angela knew she wasn't talking. Lilith's homework was still in her hand. She walked over to the Hot Tub and dropped it in. The Next Day Lilith got in trouble for having no homework. At Free Period, Angela went to the Gym. Dustin usually hung out there with Dirk and some of the other boys on the team. First of all Angela talked to Dirk, she told him about the night before and he was devastated. Next she talked to Dustin. "Dustin, I know you were lying to me last night. You made the first move on Lilith. But the only reason i'm forgiving you is because this baby needs a father." Some of the other jocks sniggered at the mention of Angela's baby. Sadly for them Angela was having Mood Swings that day. They soon found themselves in trash cans. Dustin thanked Angela for forgiving him. "You better prove yourself before this baby is born or your out" Said Angela. Later, When school had ended Angela drove home in her car. Lilith usually went with her but she had to take the bus that morning and when they were going home because Angela wouldn't let her in the car. The day went on as usual after that.