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Jungle Bells!? Where's the Jingle?!?!Edit

"WHAT! We're going to ISLA PARADISO! YES YES YES YES!" Christy Simmer yelled.

"Oh no, you found out! It was going to be a Christmas present, and birthday, ever since you turned a teenager!!" said her young adult sister Mia.

"Oh. Well I know now!" said Christy, smiling. 


Stop One: BridgeportEdit

"This isn't Isla Paradiso!" complained Christy, looking out the window.

"Well, we're going on a world tour," Mia admitted, smiling.

"Will we get to go to Pleasantview? I have been chatting with Angela and Lilith and they want to meet me!" Christy asked.

"Yes, but shh. The plane has little children on it," murmured Mia.

Christy sat, looking out of the window at the beautiful Bridgeport. She wanted to become a vampire here! I'll never get to be a supernatural, Christy thought.

"Attention! AAAATTENNNTIIIOOONNN! This is your captain, Ruby Martole, speaking. We will be landing at Bridgeport/Bridgehills International Airport!" the loudspeaker said.

Oh, how long are we staying here? I wanna meet a vampire, thought Christy.

"We'll be staying here about two weeks," said Mia. "Remember, I'm a fortune teller? I read minds."

Becoming a VampireEdit

Christy ran off, with permission from her sister.  She saw Elvira Slayer, obviously a vampire, and asked her to bite her. 

"PLEEEEASEEEE bite me!" begged Christy.

"Oh alright!" said Elvira. chomp chomp suck. Elvira ran off, leaving Christy and her glowing eyes. 

Elvira Slayer Vampiresa
"YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES!!" Christy exclaimed. The teenager had gotten her wish- she was now transforming into a vampire.

Where Were You?Edit

"What happened here??" asked Mia. 

"Elvira bit me! Yay!" said Christy, sounding much like a little toddler. 

"Seriously??" asked Mia.

"Ffffft pshhh yeaaaaaaaaaaa!" sputtered Christy, showing her now glowing eyes to Mia.

"CHRRIIIISTYYY! Now I have to pay 50 simoleon extra, because you're a supernatural. You could've gotten another book!!!" complained Mia.

"Yea, well would you rather be a freakin' vamp or have a BOOK," muttered Christy.

"Honestly you're right- being a vamp is 10 times cooler!" admitted Mia.

Angela and LilithEdit

"So Pleasantview now!" exclaimed Christy shrilly.

"Yes its time, remember to pay the 50 simoleon fee, its rude not to pay," replied Mia plainly.

"Its coming out of me! But I only have 50 simoleon!" Christy whined.

"Just this once, I'll pay you 25 simoleon when we get home," Mia replied calmly.