Clara Madicia
Type: The Sims 3
Owner: Chase (unverified last name)
Value: §Unknown (but maybe estimated to around 2 billion dollars)
Size: Huge
Number of floors: 7
Number of bedrooms: Unknown amount
Number of bathrooms: Unknown amount
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(Not to be confused with Clara and Madicia Cosgrove)

Clara Madicia is the Therapedic Mission from the fanon version (and from the original work by 2014ChevyGirl): Zombie Apocalypse: Dangerous Journey. It is the home mansion of a man with the name of Chase, but his last name is unverified. It is also home to dozens of employees such as massage therapists, guards, Paramilitary Zombie Killers, and floor therapists. It is also the new home of the four main characters of the story.

About it Edit

Clara Madicia is known as a "French Purity" in Chase's opinion. The Mission is located in a dense, but manageable tropical forest near western Los Angeles, California. It contains rooms of a normal mansion, but it is much, much larger than any kind. It is manor granite on the outside, paved with double-bricking with a one-hundred fifty foot cobble stone driveway with palm trees lining it the entire way up. There are picnic tables with palm pots on them in its own "island" and a beautiful black gate with rose bushes surrounding its perimeter. Varieties and different species of tropical flowers and bushes are scattered or planted in groups as there's always the smell of vanilla in the air. There's a huge garage out back for vehicles that get taken in for safe keeping as there's a platform recommended for washing and cleaning them out. Hibiscus bushes and stones surround the washing platform. There are cobble stone sidewalks going in various areas with palm trees following their path. Out back on one side is a night club with a brick wall protecting things and the people there. Tiki torches and solar garden lamps also surround the Mission in multiple areas as there's a few pools in another spot outback next to the night club.

When people first walk in through the door due to invitation, they appear in a normal state of a room until they are walked into a comforting purple room known as the Relaxation Unit. The Relaxation Unit is almost like a spa as massage therapists massage people, give them manicures, waxes, and even Botox. The Relaxation Unit also holds fruit trays, nonalcoholic margaritas for guests, oils and creams that are to be used on the treated guests. But the first room people are to be in first before that is the Decontamination Room. This room appears almost as a huge locker room for both sexes as the gender is on different sides of the room. It has multiple amounts of showers and is mint-green in color, but has no lockers. It has benches, rooms for clothing of people from each state, storage units for antibiotics and gentle ones for people with sensitive skin and pregnant women. There is also another room, which is the second stage of two in decontamination. Once people are decontaminated, they are then led to the Relaxation Unit where they are mainly massaged by massage therapists (Note: Females are massaged by male massage therapists while males are massaged by females). Once people are massaged as a start, they are then taken to a private room to be placed in whatever clothing they prefer from their therapist. Once done, the people are released to explore the Mission before it is closed for the night. It has a night club out back for guests to have fun and enjoy themselves while a brick wall stands tall to protect them. Their ways of seeing is glass window panes constructed so only they can see while anything on the other side cannot.

The Mission has many, many bedrooms and bathrooms for its guests, owner, and employees. It contains a multiple amount of staircase and has routes like a compass: north, west, south, and east. On the east side when going up staircases, there is a door that has a castle-like appearance with a stone spiral staircase going up. People who follow them up with be led to a door with a hallway and more rooms behind it. Rooms like those are for people and guests who have required protection needs, like Chevy and Sab as from the fanon version and original work. Aside from that is far below in the other parts of the Mission is rooms for employees and bodybuilding gyms for weak guests, massage therapists, and the Paramilitary Zombie Killers. The lobby (or known as the "Floor") is the main guide to the rooms, wings, and Relaxation Unit of the Mission. It has dozens of doors leading to guest rooms and hallways leading to different parts of the mansion. Straight ahead when guests walk in is the South Wing while above is the North Wing.