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The Clavell family of Sunset Valley and Appaloosa Plains is a political dynasty with influence in the worlds of business, theatre, art, literature and medicine. The family spans several generations with various family members living now, dispersed in different towns.

Generation One Edit

The Clavell family can trace their ancestry back to Ransom and Jennie Clavell, who are buried at Pleasant Rest Graveyard in Sunset Valley. Ransom and Jennie both died young in a drowning incident.

Generation Two Edit

Buster and Bessie Clavell of Sunset Valley. Having both retired from their respective careers, Buster and Bessie devoted their time to looking after their grandchildren. Once their only son Xander married, they promised to always care for his children and the house so he and his wife Tamara could focus on their careers, as both had high goals of becoming President. Buster and Bessie taught their grandchildren, Martin and Donna, the life skills they needed.

Bessie also spent a lot of time painting, working on her own life goal. When her son was elected Mayor, the very proud Bessie through a celebration in his honour. That night she died at the dinner table, aged 84. The painting that she was working on still remains in the home, unfinished, over 100 years since her death.

Buster spent the rest of his life with his grandchildren, and also took up fitness as a hobby. He went to the gym everyday, once the grandchildren were set. He died whilst walking up the steps to the gym aged 93.

Generation Two Edit

Xander Clavell grew up in his parent's home, and by the time he was in his thirties and still without a proper job or a relationship his parents were getting concerned. Xander motivated himself, however, and got a job in the business career. He met Tamara Donner, who worked in the political career, and within two years the pair were married.

Xander and Tamara had two children, Donna and Martin. Xander's parents looked after the children so Xander and Tamara could focus on their careers. They spent these adult years hosting campaign fundraisers, practicing their charisma and reading political books. They rarely had a minute off work.

Xander had worked very hard and was the Vice-President of a major company when he was elected Mayor of Sunset Valley. This made him the boss of his wife, who had always worked in politics. The career change was sudden and Xander saw himself thrust into the political limelight almost overnight. Thanks to his business acumen, he was a widely popular, charismatic man and with his experience as vice-president the voters trusted him with the economy.

Xander was soon elected President. He was in his mid-sixties but was proud to take on the role. His wife was elected in as his Vice President. After about a decade Xander retired in favour of Tamara. She had finally achieved her goal, and a few years later their son Martin became her Vice President.

As the first Presidential couple, Xander and Tamara enjoyed a comfortable and very social elderhood. They attended countless parties, and when they weren't out they were hosting their own. They were always asked for autographs and photos, and always gave them. Tamara was approached by a soap company to make an ad, and after great success so was Xander.

On the couple's fifieth wedding anniversary, Xander took Tamara out to their favourite restaurant, where they had celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary. They got some photos taken at the same table. A lot had happened in those forty years, but their love was still strong. Tired after a late night, the next day the couple spent the morning dancing in their living room. It was there that Xander died aged 89.

Tamara then retired in favour of her son. She was in her eighties at this stage, but was the centre of the social scene. She briefly had a boyfriend who died before their relationship could progress. Tamara was very close to her granddaughters Bessie and Lillian, who lived with her. They watched her act in a play and that inspired them to become actresses - they both became the most famous and reputed actors of their time.

Tamara remained in the family home for many years. She celebrated her 100th birthday with her family, and as she grew older her age became revered and she became the oldest resident of Sunset Valley, and eventually gained further titles. She celebrated her 110th birthday, becoming a supercentenarian, and then turned 123 which made her the oldest Sim ever. She remained very active, and remained close to her descendants. Tamara passed away of old age whilst fixing the stereo, at the grand age of 131.

Generation Three Edit

Generation Four Edit