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The Book 1 of the Codex is a basic declaration of the religion, as well as a simple statement of the premises of the religion. It also contains the primary philosophy behind it, the polemic progressivism. It is succeeded by Book 2 which contains data of history and role models they've selected to provide support for the faith.

Main TextEdit

Chapter IEdit

i)There once was only heresy, romance, and atavistic desires ii)and the world knew no alternative, instead the residents satisfied with the decadent lifestyle. iii)And none were more guilty of this than the blasted city of Bridgeport, filled with the anchors of the heretical lifestyle, the celebrities, that kept the people blind. iv)However, the time has come, and the cause is just, and the believers stand ready!

Chapter IIEdit

i)And hence I, Kallisto, bring up an alternate style of life. ii) As will be discussed in later books, great men of history has demonstrated that the mediocrity promoted by the celebrities is its own reward. iii) And I say to the inferno with it! iv)From this place onward, I shall withdraw myself from blindly pursuing fame that everybody wanted so much. v)As Buddha has once stated, remove desire from desiring happiness and you shall have happiness. vi)In light of that, the new way of life shall withdraw one from desiring the luxurious things that people want, for there is no glory in money or luxury, and there is only heresy in the latter. vii)Instead, an adherent of the new way of life shall remove themselves from desiring things, but instead focus on getting skill and knowledge. viii)For it is knowledge that sets people free, and it is skill that emancipates people from mediocrity. ix)Look at the celebrities. They may be demagogues but will they survive when there are no people to pay for their demagoguery? No. x)Celebrities fool people. The businessmen eat for the people. The people feed all. xi)The businessmen rob people of the chance to promote progress in the name of profit, and I shall have none of this nonsense.

Chapter IIIEdit

i)Given that, I observe that there is progress to be made, and no matter how much has been made, there is always room for more. ii)And there is no such thing as real perfection, only theoretical one, and it is theoretical perfection personified that is God. iii)Since God is perfection personified, one cannot assume that the said deity would shower blessings on men. Rather, the deity is separated from the material plane, and the deity, if an active interventionist, would be relegated to a metaphysical realm at best, unable to be detected and emulated by men. iv)So, what does this mean? v)This means that because progress is a reward as it is an asymptomatic step towards perfection, progress is always the right path to go. vi)As such, barriers to progress must be eradicated. vii)So, what is a barrier to progress? viii)For starters, it means a constraint against a man that prevents him from fully using his intellect. One such thing is a culture of conformity, as demonstrated with the blasted celebrity culture centered around Bridgeport. ix)On the other hand, one that forces people not to explore is also an barrier, such as the capitalist job system that relegates most to manual labor without any sort of innovation. x)And hence I reject the capitalist system. Surely it is true that the market system has produced the most progress, xi)but it also produces things like the manual labor that hinders progress.

Chapter IVEdit

i)Now that we have identified the problem, ii)it is time for an solution. iii) As mentioned above, one shall be emancipated first from the culture of conformity by skills and knowledge. iv)To do this, there shall be an monastic lifestyle, isolated from the conforming community that continues to kowtow to decadence. v)As the monastic lifestyle gains momentum with real success and progress, it shall be the instrument of breaking the masses from the chains of conformity, vi)resulting in a community dedicated to progress, not decadence. vii)Henceforth, there shall be no WooHoo and romance, as such are the paths to decadence. It is those two things that are primary heresies that lure people from progress. viii)Although this will be discussed later, such is the evil that lurks among society that is accepted as a good thing, and I shall help in cleansing that evil from men. ix)For Knowledge is power, and chastity a beacon to the lost. Guard both well.

The Codex
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