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Coldland Valley
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Coldland Valley
Coldland Valley was created by a large magical blizzard that came out of nowhere. Now many sims have move on and travel to the freezing place. Some fairies have resided there too since it was created. They were called "Cold Fairies". But sims and fairies may not meet, and the fairies' territory is called "Cold Fairy Valley". It can accesed by the fairies through a portal at the back of the Fairy Valley waterfall.
Name Coldland Valley
Game(s) TS3S Icon The Sims 3: Seasons
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Coldland Valley is a freezing neighborhood inhabited by cold witches, cold fairies, and pole sims. It is the origin of Winter Faeriezest before she marry Sparks. It is the cold version of Sunset Valley.


Coldland Valley was once an empty hot land filled with fire forests and heated water stream. But one day, a magical blizzard came from the sky and crashes to the land. It came out of nowhere from the space. Then the blizzards became larger and create cold wind and freeze the entire land. It became a freezing region. Many wild frost flowers and pine tree grow there. But not all land freeze, some of them are left unsnowed, but still, the land is still cold, but there are no snow, only falling red leaves. By now, the snowed area is called "Winter" while the unsnowed area is called "Autumn". It can now be accessed through the portal at the back of the Fairy Valley waterfall. Fairy Valley has two seasons, Spring and Summer, while Cold Fairy Valley has Winter and Autumn.