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Intro to Constance's life, Chapter 1Edit

Constance lived a pretty boring life as a level 4 in the writing career and had grown up alone in a medium sized manageable house. She had watched the Cahill generations born and die, and she carefully studied the citizens of Riverview. Especially That Cahill. That was a player-he had three romantic relationships with three different women at a time, all resulting in a child. The first was Constance, resulting in the birth of Esperanza. There was quite a fight that broke out the day after Esperanza turned into a toddler, but in the end Constance and That just decided to be friends.

After a while, one of That's lovers accused him of cheating and ruined both the remaining relationships. That was lonely again and was desperatly looking for a companion. He settled on Constance again, even though they were best friends. She was smart, reliable and beautiful in her own way. Constance knew what he came for that night, but she was all right with it. That said that he really loved her, and Esperanza really couldn't grow up without a father figure. So a few nights later, Monique entered the world and it was a lovely surprise to see that she had inherited her father's hair. The day after, That proposed to Constance. Constance knew it was real this time. And she was right.

The wedding, Chapter 2Edit

That and Constance were engaged for about a week, which was a long time to wait. Luckily That came over lots ;) The wait was because That had too many Sims in his household and his mother Flora, luckily, had her final days right before her son's marriage.

The night before the wedding, Constance was packing up her belongings and harvesting the last crop in her garden when That came over and demanded she join his family right then and there. Constance tried to refuse, but That won and she was added to That's family. Esperanza and Monique were inside Constance's house, playing with their dollhouses. Little did they know they would not be seeing their parents again.

Wedding dayEdit

The next day was super exciting. That and Constance had had a fun and romantic first night together, and eventually the wedding time came around. All the guests were present-except for Esperanza and Monique. They looked everywhere for their little girls, but they were nowhere to be found. The guests even helped, but eventually they got angry and all left. Constance was in tears. They eventually gave up and had a private ceremony with the family Simbot and That's sister a few days later.

Constance had an idea-look in her relationships book! Both girls were there but it showed them as being in another world-only this other world didn't have a name. They were beside sims from Egypt. "That's odd," said Constance and That as they looked. "We've never been to Egypt." They continued looking as their life went on, but no luck.

Moving on from Esperanza and Monique, Chapter 3Edit

Constance gave birth to triplets a week later. She named them Always (the girl) Looking (one of the boys) and Forever (the other boy) as a tribute to the lost Esperanza and Monique. They can only hope that when the girls age up to children they contact their parents. When the family Simbot drowned at a neighbour's house after the triplets became toddlers, Constance and That adopted a dark skinned girl named Hummus, but she drowned too shortly after. Constance was miserable again. Another tragedy happened soon after- That's sister, Alexandra, starved to death. Now it was just Constance and That, raising Always, Looking and Forever.

Great news of even more children announced itself to Constance as she had twins Denisha and Darien, leaving her with little time for her writing career. As for what happened to Esperanza and Monique, nobody knows for sure, but maybe if they ever come back, they'll write their own story.