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Country De` Grove
Type: The Sims
Owner: Nathan Cosgrove
Value: §Unknown
Unfurnished lot value: §Unknown
Furnished lot value: §Unknown
Size: Large
Number of floors: 1
Occupants: Cosgrove
Number of bedrooms: 2
Number of bathrooms: 1
Neighborhood: Dayton
Country De` Grove is the current home of Nathan, Amber, Clara, and Madicia Cosgrove. It is a huge, six-room mansion that's been created in The Sims for console. As for "Country", it's current neighborhood, Dayton, resides in the appearance of a country landscape in the mountains. The term "Grove" is an additional naming piece as it configures from the root of the residents' last name, 'Grove'.

About It Edit

Like the Refurbished Free Street 1 from The Sims Bustin' Out for console, Country De` Grove is a mansion with the same "Manor Granite" outsiding on its outside walls with shrubs outside it. Unlike Refurbished Free Street 1, Country De` Grove is based on a pure, Country format that almost has a medieval time dating, especially with antique persanian rugs and tapestries in every room. It has no windows or lighting, except for vanity tables.

The main room, the "lobby", contains redwood doors with stained glass windows on them that lead to the rooms on the left and right, including another room that connects them. It persists of the most expensive wallpaper, including pine sol wood flooring with paintings, comfortable blue chairs, expensive sofas, persinian rugs lining up to the connecting adult bedroom, and rubber plants in the corners. Like every house as they appear, Country De` Grove has a large living room with a study, entertainment area as it includes a TV, sofa, jukebox, and bookshelf. As every man needs, there's a work bench near the main wall containing the door leading to the living room. Nathan Cosgrove would be using that when he wasn't up to studying from books. Also there's a pool table table being in the center of the room, along with a hot tub, a grandfather clock that stands in a corner with a blue chair sitting next to it.

The room connected to it is a blue room containing art and artist's blocks for the owners of the mansion to carve and have a relaxing atmosphere. As usual connecting to that room is the bathroom with two bathtubs, a sonic shower, sink and medicine cabinet, Flushforce toilet, and a couple bathroom counters near the next entrance of the three-way bathroom.

Connected to that room is the adult bedroom as it consists of the vibromatic heart bed, TV with loveseat, libodinex spa, vanity table and chair, and antique armior. It's inside coloring is identical to Dudley Landgraab's bedroom from Bustin' Out. Beside it is the children's bedroom as it contains a miniature study, vibromatic bed, vanity table and chair, antique armior, TV and loveseat, doll house and toy box. As each room has at least two doors connected to it, there's a few combinations of getting to each room as the children's bedroom has two: through the adult bedroom or else through the dining room/kitchen. The dining room contains about five, ten-person tables and Japenese-styled chairs going along the perimeter. The kitchen connected to it has everything needed, including a few tiled counters.

On the west wing as it contains the living room, art room, ad bathroom, there's two-way doors oon each and in every room for easy travel. Same thing goes for the east wing. The adult bedroom is also the connecting point of all possible ways to getting from place to place.

What goes On there Edit

When Nathan Cosgrove first moved in, all he mainly did was built up him skills for his career and cook himself meals as he made new friends. He would usually be found in the spa relaxing for a while or else be found watching TV to keep his mood high. He would also be found building gnomes for mechanical and painting and sculpting for creativity once he completed his career. When he met Amber, he had everything placed in the dining room and the rest taken place in the living room, which is where he married her. After the first child, Clara, Amber would be found cleaning and cooking while caring for her daughter. She would take time to herself by painting or reading for short bursts of entertainment before the baby went off again. When Clara became a child, she would be found studying on the computer and playing from the doll house or toy box as she was done. After Madicia was born and became a child nothing much changed as the family went along as they pleased. The mansion remains quiet on the outside, but a lively, country castle on the inside.