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Crazy Day of Don is first episode of fan-fiction Pleasantview Lives


  • Don walks to Goth house.
  • Don: Hi, Cassandra. I have somet... Wait, why are you in this outfit.
  • Cassandra: I'm pregnant........With you.............
  • Cassandra: Good, right. What did you want to say?
  • Don: Nothing.
  • Cassandra: Have you ordered things for our wedding.
  • Don: Of course, they're in my house, but i want it to be a surprise, so you will see it only at our wedding.
  • Don walks to his house and invites Nina.
  • Nina comes over.
  • Don: Hi, Nina, why are you in this outfit?
  • Nina: I'm pregnant, with you.
  • Don: What? That's good.
  • Nina goes home, Kaylynn comes over.
  • Don: Hi Kaylyyn, Why ... are ... you ... in this outfit?
  • Kaylynn: I'm pregnant, with you.
  • Don: Really?
  • Kaylynn: Yeah! Duh.
  • Kaylynn goes home, Dina comes over.
  • Don: Hi, Dina, Why are you in maternity outfit?
  • Dina: I'm pregnant with you
  • Dina goes home, Don invites gypsy matchmaker.
  • Don: Hello Mrs. Fleig.
  • Jordan: Hello Mr. Lothario.
  • Don: I...
  • Jordan: I know, here's what you do. Pick who you want to be with, then make her any drink, pour this love potion in that drink and that's it, then the one's left, invite them one by one, make them a drink and pour love potion and vamprozzilin, then they will lose you as love, but they will not do anything to you. But, my crystal ball doesn't see who you want to be with, i'm just curious who you want to be with.

-The End-

  • Next episode you'll find out who Don wants to be with.
  • What plans Dina tries to make.
  • And will it work.
  • See next episode